Buy Home Appliances Today Has Released a Review: The Danby Keg Cooler “Black Friday 2013”

November 4, 2013

Buy Home Appliances Today Website reviews the new Danby Keg Cooler in its new stainless look. The Danby Designer portable keg cooler takes beer drinking to a whole new level. Compared to other fridges similar it is a little larger with 5.8 c.u.ft. as the normal size of 4.4 c.u.ft. Danby Spotless steel fridge

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 04, 2013

Buy Home Appliances Today Website releases the reviews of the Danby Keg Cooler. With room for full or pony sized kegs, this cooler also converts to a 5.8 cu. ft. all fridge for maximum versatility. Features include a scratch resistant worktop for storing accessories and a stainless steel look door. Designed for indoor use this keg cooler is perfect for parties or watching the big game. Co2 tank and drip tray are included.

Danby All Refrigerator keg cooler perfect for any sport event at home with or without friends. This Keg cooler will satisfy any need as a refrigerator and as a keg cooler beer will always be cool and ready to be served. This fridge offers a two for one service. One, it is used to keep beer cold and has the convenience of leaning over from the chair to fill each glass with beer. Or two, it can be used as a regular portable mini fridge. Go ahead and fill its shelves with nonalcoholic drinks for the guests that don’t drink. When there is no keg use it as a fridge. The Danby Keg Cooler is American Made too. Furthermore, kegs are easy to hook and take out when empty.

The Danby Keg Cooler is sold at the largest online retailer, Amazon. Right now is priced at $449.10 with free shipping.

“Our customers are extremely happy with the information they have received regarding the appliances they are interested in buying. We give them all the information they need in order to make an educated decision before buying,” says a Buy Home Appliances Today representative.

This Danby Keg Cooler comes in the popular spotless steel. It is small, so can be put into any room needed. It can even be put up on the counter.

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