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ErectileDoctor.com Launches Out-Of-Beta; Adds 400 Doctors To Online Directory

November 5, 2013

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Platform Allows Men with ED to Connect with Local Doctors Discreetly

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – ErectileDoctor.com, the first website that addresses and offers resources to the over 30 million men in the United States dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), today announced the platform has come out of beta after 12 months of testing. The company also publicized the availability of the following features including “Find a Physician,” which boasts a network of 400 doctors to discuss individuals’ symptoms and causes of ED on a case-by-case basis.

This online portal offers the ability to receive treatment discreetly from specialized doctors across the United States. ErectileDoctor.com also serves as a platform for physicians to become part of the first online directory devoted to treating ED while simultaneously expanding their patient base.

ErectileDoctor.com was created by Dr. Muhammad A. Mirza with the intention of alleviating the difficulties men have addressing ED and offering them a discrete and legitimate way to seek help. Dr. Mirza is board certified in internal medicine and has had extensive experience as a practicing clinical physician. He currently holds the position of Medical Director at the Allied Medical and Diagnostic in Clifton, New Jersey.

“Men with erectile dysfunction often have many questions that they cannot find the appropriate answers to regarding symptoms and treatment. As a result, men try and solve their own issues, disregarding the opinion of professional doctors,” stated Dr. Mirza, Founder of ErectileDoctor.com. “We believe our platform will provide all men and their partners an opportunity to receive the appropriate medical information and guidance for their ED and treatment options.”

The platform will also help those in the market for popular treatment drugs including Viagra and Cialis. Doctors in the network will be able to recommend the appropriate drug and then schedule an appointment where prescriptions can be distributed. This process will go a long way in fighting the dangerous and usually fake (77% of Viagra sold online is counterfeit) online drugs that are sold from online pharmacies.

To learn more about Erectile Doctor or see what local doctors are in your network, please visit www.ErectileDoctor.com.

Erectile Doctor is beneficial for men affected by ED as well as physicians who specialize in treating the condition. The site helps doctors expand their patient base while establishing a presence on the first online directory to acknowledge the social stigmas and privacy concerns associated with erectile dysfunction. To learn more about Erectile Doctor, visit www.ErectileDoctor.com

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