Beware! Holidays Dangerous for Addicts Reports Narconon Freedom Center

November 21, 2013

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan is running a holiday education campaign to raise awareness of the increased dangers for those struggling with addiction.

Albion, MI (PRWEB) November 21, 2013

Narconon Freedom Center is gearing up their drug education efforts with a holiday campaign to raise awareness of the increased dangers facing those struggling with addiction. For many, the holiday season is a time of joy, family and peace. For a family entrapped by alcohol and drug addiction, gatherings are overshadowed by the many consequences of addiction. Addicts continue their spiral of abuse and individuals in recovery flirt with relapse.

“Holiday stress can cause individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to not only find reasons to continue their alcohol and drug abuse but escalate their use. This can make family gatherings anything but joyful. Often arguments erupt or the addict passes out or doesn’t show up causing families to worry,” says Brian Kuehne, Executive Director Narconon Freedom Center Michigan.

Kuehne lists areas that can push addicts over the edge resulting in increased use and overdose:

  •     Family pressures
  •     Financial Stress
  •     Parties that include alcohol and drugs
  •     Colder or unpleasant weather like rain, snow, wind, etc.
  •     Feelings of anxiety, depression or loneliness

“Though it may not seem so at first, alcohol and drug rehab is the best and safest place for addicts to be over the holidays. They will be in a safe environment and not out doing whatever it takes to get money for more drugs. Families are encouraged to visit their loved one on Thanksgiving and Christmas. For many, it’s the first time they have spent a holiday with their family sober in years and there is much joy in this,” says Kuehne.

The Narconon rehab program helps those struggling with addiction get people off drugs holistically, without giving other drugs. It also teaches communication and life skills courses so the person can learn how to handle stresses of all kinds.

For more information on holiday stress and addiction or to enroll a loved one in drug rehab, call an Intake Counselor today toll-free at 877-362-9682 or visit http://www.freedomdrugrehab.com. All calls are no charge and confidential.

About Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center, Albion, Michigan, is a non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility licensed through the state. The program has been helping those struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism for over 47 years. William Benitez founded the Narconon program in 1966 with the drug-free rehabilitation education researched and developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The Narconon program is a holistic drug-free rehab program. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility also provides drug prevention education to schools and community outreach programs. For drug education in your school or community, contact the center at 517-629-8661.

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