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RainTree Oncology Services Joins Express Scripts Pharmacy Network

December 5, 2013

Agreement Will Increase Point-of-Care Access to Oral Medication for Patients at RainTree’s Community Oncology Practices

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — RT Oncology Services Corporation (“RainTree”), the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, today announced a three-year agreement with Express Scripts (NASDAQ:ESRX) under which RainTree oncology practices with oral drug dispensing will become part of an expanded Express Scripts network of pharmacies. These RainTree practices will improve patient care by incorporating adherence programs and oncology pharmacy expertise from the Accredo specialty pharmacy, which will help drive better health outcomes for patients and better financial outcomes for payers.

The agreement enables practices with the credentials and capabilities associated with RainTree membership to be a part of existing Express Scripts pharmacy networks. Access to the RainTree member pharmacies is a unique patient benefit at a time when many health plans are seeking to reduce the number of prescriptions filled within practice-owned pharmacies.

Mike Martin, president and chief executive officer of RainTree, said, “This agreement with Express Scripts is exciting news for our company, our current and future member practices, and, most importantly, their patients. We believe that being a part of the Express Scripts pharmacy network is far and away the most attractive option available for community oncology pharmacies.

“Oral oncology medications are the fastest growing category among anti-cancer agents,” Martin continued. “They are rapidly approaching 40% of total cancer drug utilization in the United States and will continue to grow as more and more orals in pharmaceutical manufacturers’ pipelines come to market. While they offer patients tremendous convenience during extremely difficult times, these medications are self-administered and require ongoing monitoring by physicians and specialty-trained pharmacists in order to ensure patient adherence and achieve optimal outcomes. With expanded dispensing capabilities and reach, and robust compliance and adherence programs, our member pharmacies will be able to provide more effective treatment for patients, including the benefits of this increasingly essential class of medications.”

Bruce Gould, Medical Director of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers and Chair of the RainTree Oncology Advisory Board, said, “This innovative agreement represents a watershed moment for community oncology. The network gives practices with dispensing operations the expanded access they need to grow their oral pharmacy businesses.”

Glen Stettin, M.D., senior vice president, clinical, research and new solutions at Express Scripts, said, “With access to our comprehensive set of specialty solutions, RainTree community oncologists will be better positioned to drive improved adherence, health outcomes and overall care for cancer patients – all hallmarks of the Accredo specialty pharmacy. Whether it’s expert consultation from our specialist pharmacists from our oncology Therapeutic Resource Centers or our personalized approach to cancer patient care, the Accredo specialty pharmacy adds value at every point in the treatment spectrum.”

This agreement is part of an ongoing series of strategic collaborations that RainTree is undertaking with other companies to further integrate and personalize care for the patients of community oncology practices.

About RainTree Oncology Services

RainTree Oncology Services is the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, assisting its member practices in achieving better and more cost-effective treatment of oncology patients while creating new streams of revenue for community oncology practices. RainTree Oncology achieves this by negotiating and administering favorable GPO contracts; by implementing technology allowing RainTree Oncology members to develop and evaluate care pathways to improve patient care and outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system; and by developing commercial relationships that accelerate innovative oncology treatments and payer arrangements while optimizing oncology patient care and advancing the science of oncology.


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