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Booming IVF Market in India

December 12, 2013

MUMBAI, December 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Bharat Book Bureau presents Booming IVF Market in India. This report is the birth of
Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first successful ‘test-tube’ baby, on July 25, 1978 in Great
Britain, the technology that made her conception possible was acclaimed as a conquest in
the field of medicine and science. (



http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130128/590935 )

The formulation of IVF or the In-Vitro Fertilization technology and its significant
applicability in the field of infertility has sparked off immense interest among
researchers and medical professionals. Owing to the same, over the years, numerous IVF
clinics started operating all over the world, although the IVF technology was more readily
accepted in the developed countries due to the fact that the technology originated there
itself and better technological advancements were made as well.

Over the past decade, the concept of IVF has gained popularity at a swift pace in
India. Factors such as delayed pregnancies, altered lifestyle, and changing preferences
are the key reasons due to which the problem of infertility in the country is increasing
at an alarming rate. According to our report “Booming IVF Market in India”, the IVF market
is poised to witness impressive CAGR of around 14% over the 5 year period spanning from
2013 to 2018.

The report offers a comprehensive study of the overall IVF industry in India. It
analyzes the presence of IVF clinics in the country region-wise i.e. their penetration
across East/West/North/South India; their structure i.e. chain, independent and
hospital-based; the number of IVF cycles performed; and the availability of PGD facility.
The market outlook section descriptively discusses the Indian IVF market till 2018 and its
regional shares.

The report also elicits the requirements of an initial IVF lab setup in terms of human
resource and facilities, and the ongoing industry trends and developments. The regulatory
environment of the IVF industry in India is also explained in detail. On the competitive
landscape of the industry, the profiles of leading service providers too have been

With new service providers entering the market, increase in the number of
collaborations between chains/independent clinics and renowned healthcare providers and
hospital, and the rapid acceptance of IVF for dealing with reproduction problem, the
Indian IVF market is bound to witness a gush in terms of growth in the years to come.

Table of Contents

        - Analyst View
        - Research Methodology
        - IVF - Process Overview
        - Oocyte Retrieval Stage
        - Sperm Retrieval
        - Fertilization and Culture
        - Embryo/ Blastocyst Cryopreservation
        - Zona Drilling
        - Embryo Biopsy
        - Embryo Transfer
        - Human Resources and Associated Facilities for IVF
        - Human Resource
        - Associated Facilities
        - Current Status of IVF Clinics

Presence by Structure

Presence by Region

Presence by Number of IVF Cycles Performed

        - Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
        - IVF Market Outlook to 2018
        - Trends and Technological Advancements
        - Dwindling Fertility in India
        - Rising Investors' Interest in the Indian IVF Market
        - Embryo Donation/Adoption Catching up Rapidly
        - Embryoscope: Helping Improve Imaging
        - ART (IVF) Regulation
        - Competitive Landscape
        - Bourn Hall Clinic
        - Southend Fertility and IVF Centre
        - Morpheus IVF Fertility Center
        - Bloom Fertility Center
        - Manipal Ankur
        - Cloudnine Fertility
        - Nova IVI Fertility
        - Srushti Test Tube Baby Center

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