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Processing DNA Data 100 Times Faster: a Game Changer for Life Science

December 12, 2013

HARDERWIJK, The Netherlands, December 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Today Dutch software company GENALICE has managed to process the data of 42 full human
genomes in less than 18 hours, making use of only two small standard processors: a job
that normally takes up to 120 days. Not only did they manage to process 42 full human
genomes, but during the 24-hour live broadcast, they continued with the processing of 42
tomato genomes. The groundbreaking new software solution GENALICE MAP is seen as a first
and important step to save and improve the quality of life of patients with complex

This morning at 0:00 AM CET, GENALICE launched their alignment product MAP by starting
a worldwide live webcast, with the registration and showcase of the stellar performance on
speed and accuracy of the new software solution. At 5:38 PM CET the 42nd human genome was
sequenced, more than 6 hours before the scheduled end time; setting the new world

GENALICE’s co-founder and CEO/CTO, Hans Karten is pleased with the spectacular
kick-off and the new unofficial world record: “For the most widely used tool it takes up
to three full days to map just one full genome on the hardware configuration we used.
Today we showed the world that we reached the next level in DNA sequence mapping.”

Genomics scientists and other interested people can still register and directly
interact with the GENALICE staff until midnight CET (6 PM EDT) on 42.genalice.com, or
visit the site thereafter for a summary of the world record event.


GENALICE is a privately owned, young, innovative software company, based in the
Netherlands. Its mission is to boost research into complex DNA-related diseases, such as
cancer. Through the design and development of groundbreaking software solutions GENALICE
wants to make an important contribution to improved diagnosis and treatment. We aim to
save lives and increase the quality of life of people suffering from these complex
diseases. Together with the input from researchers and the financial support from our
investors, GENALICE can create a better future for these patients.


Source: PR Newswire