BeaconMedaes Launches New Medical Air Dryer

December 12, 2013

The newly improved LifeLine® Medical Air Dryers employ state of the art technology to produce clean, dry medical air while preserving energy.

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

A hospital’s medical air supply is a vital life support service. BeaconMedæs strives to fit the ever-changing needs of the medical air industry.

The newly improved LifeLine® Medical Air Dryers employ state of the art technology to produce clean, dry medical air while preserving energy.


The simplified design replaces old NPT pipe connections with an anodized aluminum base block, bringing leak-free and low pressure drop to the dryer process, saving compressor power. Flanged fittings on the major connections ensure even fewer potential leak points, avoiding wasteful air losses.

Standard Features

  • 441 Tower Transfer Valve: The valve eliminates air loss while providing maintenance free superior quality. The ceramic plate design guarantees a minimum life of 5 years without servicing.
  • Inlet and Outlet filtration: Provides reliable operations, easy monitoring and safe operation and an economical installation with a minimum space requirement.
  • Dew Point Transmitter: The dew point transmitter features an advanced ceramic moisture sensor, providing reliable operations. The transmitter is fully calibrated from the factory and has a temperature range from -148 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit or -100 to 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Relief Valves and Outlet Regulators: Inlet relief valves protect the dryer from unintentional high pressure while outlet regulators and outlet relief valves maintain safe outlet line pressure.
  • Newly Designed Control Panel: The improved control panel features an easy view LCD display with lighted alarm indicator buttons, two selector switches and a horn rated at 95 decibels.

Optional Feature

  • CO Transmitter: The CO transmitter is enclosed in a NEMA-4 case and features a state of the art electrochemical cell. The transmitter is easily calibrated for your convenience.

The dryer’s unique aftercooler design ensures effective dryer operation even under heavy duty conditions, guaranteeing dew point performance.

High efficiency coalescing filters remove liquids and particles from the air stream, protecting the medical air delivery. The inlet and outlet filters are designed to combine maximum contaminant removal efficiency with minimum pressure drop.

The LifeLine® dryers are capable of producing a -10⁰C pressure dew point. With point dependent purge control, the dryers do not waste footprint, energy or desiccant to achieve unnecessarily low dew points.

"The New Lifeline Dryer is a fully automatic, heatless type medical air dryer that incorporates advanced technology allowing for both excellent dew points and energy savings," said Jonathan Brooks, BeaconMedæs Product Manager.

The small tower size saves on energy costs as less purge air is required to regenerate the drying towers.

The duplex dryer system includes two twin tower desiccant dryers, prefilters, afterfilters, regulators, safety relief valves, and integral purge saving control system within a four-valve bypass arrangement.

The LifeLine® dryer is designed in accordance with NFPA 99 and is completely pre-packaged for medical applications.

The all-inclusive, duplex dryer package meets code right out of the box in a compact design with much fewer NPT connections. The systems come pre-packaged for easy passage through standard 34.5” doors.

The dryers are not suitable for Liquid Ring applications.


The LifeLine® dryer meets the requirements of NFPA 99 while providing energy-saving, cost-efficient production of medical air. With leak free operation, easy installation and maintenance, the Lifeline® Medical Air Dryer is the new solution for clean, dry medical air.

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