New Specie of Cockroach Hits New York, My Cleaning Products Reveals a Quick Way to Kill Roaches in Houses and Anywhere Else

December 12, 2013

Cockroach from Asia hits New York, said a report. Meanwhile, My Cleaning Products offers public help how to kill roaches in houses and anywhere else fast and safe.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

There is a new breed of cockroach roaming in New York. The details of it was shared in a news post from theguardian.com published on December 09, 2013. Meanwhile, stating that cockroaches bring with them several health problems, My Cleaning Products suggested a way how to kill roaches promptly and safely.

Based on the report, the new specie was initially spotted in 2012 in New York's High Line, My Cleaning Products stated. It shared that it was an exterminator who found it first in the city's new tourist attraction.

The new breed, as said in the report was identified by the biologists in Rutgers University as the Periplaneta japonica that originated from Asia. In addition to that, it also shared that entomologists have found out it could survive the winter cold as well.

Below is a part of the post New Kind of Roach Appears in New York by My Cleaning Products.

“A new type of cockroach has arrived in New York. And worse, it was discovered that it could survive in low temperatures.

The new specie was identified by the biologists of Rutgers University as Periplaneta japonica, which originated from Asia. It was first spotted by an exterminator in the city's High Line in 2012 and was though to have been carried there via the imported plants brought in the park.”

According to My Cleaning Products, there are various health threats that cockroaches bring along with their presence. Given that, it stated that roaches in houses and anywhere else must be promptly eliminated.

To get that done, calling an exterminator is the easiest option, it said. However, it stated that it could also be expensive. And so, if the cockroaches' number is not yet too big, MCP advised a personal pest-control instead with the help of Roach Bully.

As a roach spray, the company stated that Roach Bully is truly effective. Moreover, unlike most pesticide, it said that it is organic-based and is even on EPA's FIFRA 25(b) list. With that, it said that the public could rest assured that it is safe.

For all of its advantages, MCP asserted that Roach Bully is truly the best roach spray anyone could get. To get the said pesticide-exempt product, buyers could visit its website at MyCleaningProducts.com.

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