Weightmasters Reveal Successful Results from Clinical Trials on Natural Appetite Suppressant, Opriimo

January 23, 2014

LONDON, January 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The recent BBC report on January 3rd revealed shocking figures of obesity quadrupling
to nearly one billion in the developing world since the 1980s. 64% of adults are now
classified as overweight or obese in the UK. With high levels of cheap convenience food
available, and the increasing numbers of overweight Brits on the increase, Weightmasters
have revealed successful results from clinical trials on their Natural Appetite
Suppressant, Opriimo. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25576400)

Opriimo is a revolutionary NEW weight management solution. It’s a medical device and
Natural Appetite Suppressant proven for weight management and the supportive treatment of
excess weight. Unlike its closest comparable forms of Gastric Surgery, it’s totally
non-invasive, and available without hospital stay or prescription.

The effectiveness and tolerability of Opriimo has been investigated through three
different clinical trials. All three were placebo-controlled, randomised, double-blind
crossover studies. The clinical studies involved subjects, undergoing a series of methods
over a 12 week period. The premise of these studies was to establish the ingredient,
Alginate’s effects towards weight reduction, satiation (appetite suppression) and the
regulation of appetite.

Summarised results of Clinical Trials:

Alginate (a natural sponge, similar to seaweed), expands in the stomach. Radiological
tests have demonstrated that the alginate solids remain in the stomach for up to 8 hours.
(Krakamp et al 2000).

The sponges meet with the stomach wall and stimulate the receptors, which transmit a
feeling of satiation (fullness), usually within 20-30 minutes of eating. (Schusdziarra

Where the capsules were taken 20-30 minutes before meals, excellent or favourable
pre-satiation (fullness before eating) was achieved in 85 % of all participants during
studies. (Willmen et al 1999).

Clinical Trial 1: The Investigation into the satiation effect of Alginate bodies.
(Willmen 2002)

Undertaken to determine the satiation effect of Alginate bodies, 46 subjects were
assessed where randomly selected subjects were given the Alginate (active group), while
others given a placebo. The Results were significant in favour of the active group given
Alginate. No clinically relevant side effects were observed.

Clinical Trial 2: The Investigation into significant weight reduction by stimulation
of satiation sensors. (Willmen 2002)

Undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Alginate for weight loss and Satiation.
139 subjects took part in this investigation over 12 weeks. They took 3 x 3 capsules
before main meals. Subjects given Alginate (active group) showed a more significant weight
reduction (of up to 9.4Kg) compared to those taking the placebo. Additionally, satiation
scores were significantly higher and fewer subjects dropped out of the trial from the
active group.

Clinical Trial 3: Investigation into the regulation of appetite. (Willmen 2002)

Undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Alginate for the regulation of appetite.
25 subjects took part in this investigation. This was a mixed male / female group, aged
between 18-70, all were normal weight. Randomly some subjects were given the Alginate
capsules 3 x 3 per day (the active group), while others given a placebo. Subject groups
were assessed regarding the calories consumed and saved. Results were statistically
significant in favour of the active group. The calculation of the amount of food into
calories showed that the participants consumed an average reduction of 158 less calories
per day. Calculated on a yearly basis this calorie reduction equates to 57670 Kcal with a
weight loss of 8Kg.

Additionally the reduction of appetite was 82.5 % in the active group, plus
significantly less food was consumed and the appetite was lower. The differences between
the groups were significant in favour of those taking Alginate (active group). No
clinically relevant side effects were observed.

From the results of the three different clinical trials, the product has been proven
as an effective Natural Appetite Suppressant for weight management and the supportive
treatment of excess weight. It has been awarded CE product certification and approval from
MHRA under EU Medical Device directives.

The results of the clinical trials have been summarised for ease of reading. The full
clinical reports from the trials are available on request from csuk@opriimo.com

About Opriimo:

Opriimo is a revolutionary new medical device designed to help people eat less, feel
full and manage weight. It’s totally non-invasive, so no surgery is required. There are no
complicated diets to follow, and it is clinically proven.

Opriimo also comes with full 1:1 support from a personal weight management consultant.

        - Certified Medical Device
        - Clinically Proven
        - Non Invasive (No Surgery Required)
        - No Complicated Diets to follow
        - Includes 1:1 support from your own personal weight management consultant

Because of the nature of the product, Opriimo is not suitable for all, and some
qualification criteria apply.

For more details, contact Weightmasters on +44(0)208-619-0025 or email

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