Del Mar Chiropractor, Dr. Robert Walcher Opens New Chiropractic Clinic

January 28, 2014

With over 12 years of experience, Robert Walcher, D.C. has opened a new Chiro4Life Chiropractic Clinic near Del Mar, California to serve new chiropractic patients in San Diego’s North County area.

Del Mar, California (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

Robert Walcher, D.C., is now serving San Diego’s North County. Having been a chiropractor in San Diego for the past 12 years, he is now serving San Diego’s North County with his new chiropractic clinic, the Chiro4LifeCenter. The new Chiropractic Center focuses on your central nervous system. “Because it is central to the way your mind thinks and central to the way your body functions. Your spine is designed to protect that central nervous system. If your spine is misaligned, any part of your body can come under stress and pressure,” replied Del Mar chiropractor, Dr. Walcher when asked about the central nervous system.

Dr. Walcher is an active blogger and has just added a new “Del Mar Chiropractor” blog page to address common back pain complaints as well as neck pain issues. “Everyday I am told a very common scenario. I will hear, doc, I have this pain here and it hurts when I wake up. Or I will hear, doc, I have this shooting pain, what does that mean?” said Dr. Walcher when asked about the new blog. “First off you must understand “pain” is just your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Pain is much like a toothache. Your tooth has been decaying for months if not years before it starts to hurt. Studies show that if your body is expressing pain then the area of concern has been diseased 50-70% longer then you realize,” continued Dr. Walcher.

About the Chiro4Life Center:

The Chiro4Life Center is a relaxed, stress-free environment where you and your family can come to find solutions for your medical needs. Proper chiropractic care is not a one-hit wonder. Chiropractic care is a portion of an on-going comprehensive solution. When combined with alterations to your daily life, chiropractic care will yield a better functioning body. Located near Del Mar, California, Dr. Robert Walcher has been guiding families toward healthier minds and bodies for more than 11 years. Educated at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Walcher is an award-winning San Diego doctor dedicated to total body wellness. Honored by his college and by the San Diego community where he lives and works, Dr. Walcher will be a resource for your entire family to achieve and maintain a healthy body. If you are experiencing back pain in Del Mar, California you can give Dr. Walcher’s office a call to schedule a low cost exam.

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