RainTree Oncology Services Launches Unique Pharmacy Network with Express Scripts

February 3, 2014

Patients of RainTree Community Oncology Practices to Benefit from Greater Point-of-Care Access to Oral Medications

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RT Oncology Services Corporation (“RainTree”), the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, today formally launched its expanded pharmacy network with Express Scripts (NASDAQ: ESRX). Through this unique network, RainTree offers member practices that have oral drug dispensing greater access to plans than any other Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO) as well as the opportunity to expand into additional plans in the future. The network seeks to improve patient care by allowing oral oncology prescriptions to be filled within community oncology practices.

Access to the RainTree member pharmacies is a unique patient benefit at a time when many health plans are seeking to reduce the number of prescriptions filled within practice-owned pharmacies. These RainTree practices will improve patient care by incorporating adherence programs and oncology pharmacy expertise from Express Scripts’ Accredo specialty pharmacy, which will help drive better health outcomes for patients as well as better financial outcomes for payers.

Jeff Patton, MD, chief medical officer of RainTree, said, “This first-of-its-kind network is a major step forward for community oncology. With greater dispensing capabilities and reach, and robust compliance and adherence programs, RainTree pharmacies can now provide and help to administer medication for the patient throughout the continuum of care. This is vital given the increasing importance of oral oncology medications, which are self-administered and need to be closely monitored by physicians and specialty-trained pharmacists. In short, this network will strengthen community oncology practices by enabling them to provide better patient care.”

Glen Stettin, M.D., senior vice president, clinical, research and new solutions at Express Scripts, said, “With access to our comprehensive set of specialty solutions, RainTree community oncologists will be better positioned to drive improved adherence, health outcomes and overall care for cancer patients – hallmarks of the Accredo specialty pharmacy. The Accredo specialty pharmacy, featuring the expert consultation our specialist pharmacists provide patients and our customized approach to cancer care, adds value at every point in the treatment spectrum.”

In a joint statement, RainTree Advisory Board members Stacey McCullough, PharmD., and Ray Bailey, RPh, said, “This network will greatly enhance the already substantial clinical benefits of membership in the RainTree alliance for pharmacies, practices, and patients. Through close collaboration between the pharmacist and prescriber, the RainTree model facilitates an efficient, integrated approach to order fulfillment, patient education, and therapy management. As full members of the practice care team, RainTree pharmacists help physicians monitor patient adherence and identify complications with regimens.”

RainTree is continuing to enroll practices in this newly established network. Practices interested in joining should contact Brendan Teehan at RainTree Oncology Services at bteehan@raintreeoncology.com or 805-206-9010.

About RainTree Oncology Services
RainTree Oncology Services is the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, assisting its member practices in achieving better and more cost-effective treatment of oncology patients while creating new streams of revenue for community oncology practices. RainTree Oncology achieves this by negotiating and administering favorable GPO contracts; by implementing technology allowing RainTree Oncology members to develop and evaluate care pathways to improve patient care and outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system; and by developing commercial relationships that accelerate innovative oncology treatments and payer arrangements while optimizing oncology patient care and advancing the science of oncology.

Phillip Bradley
Senior VP/General Counsel
RT Oncology Services Corporation

SOURCE RT Oncology Services Corporation

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