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February 13, 2014

"The average dialysis nurse working in the United States of America salary is $70,636 per year," according to a newly released study published by the online publication, http://nursing100.com/dialysis-nurse.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

The data also showed the lowest 10 percent of nurses specializing in this sub-specialty earn about $52,158 per year, while the highest 10 percent earn an average of $90,459 per year.

“Where you work and where your employer is located are the two primary factors that influence how much money you earn as a dialysis nurse,” says Elizabeth F. Hansen, Editor, of the online publication, Nursing100.com

The source also points to the fact that where an individual dialysis nurse training, level of education, whether or not her or she is certified and the size of their employer also play a critical role in salary amount of annual salary a dialysis nurse commands.

The dialysis nurse job description is varied and exactly what an individual does will depend on where they work. “For example, some dialysis nurses will work in major hospitals and either go to patient rooms to perform dialysis or they will work in a unit that does dialysis. Besides, there are options at outpatient clinics and specific dialysis centers,” explains Hansen, who believes there are many opportunities available when it comes to this type of nursing specialty.

The following duties and tasks are some of the tasks a dialysis nurse may be performed on the job:

  •     Administer dialysis to patients of all ages and health statuses
  •     Monitor patients during dialysis
  •     Administer any necessary additional medications or fluids
  •     Coordinate care with other nurses and doctors
  •     Provide patient education
  •     Advocate for patients
  •     Work as a team with other staff on the unit
  •     Ensure that the equipment is working properly
  •     Create nursing care plans and execute them
  •     Assess patients before, during and after treatment


Dr. Willem Kolff built the first dialyzer in 1943, and nurses have been administering dialysis treatments since this technology started to be used. The first outpatient dialysis center was born in 1962 and this was largely staffed by trained nurses. The last seven decades have seen tremendous growth in dialysis technology, with different types of dialysis being discovered. Nurses are the primary healthcare workers who administer dialysis and provide patient care during dialysis administration.

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