BiOptix Continues California Roadshow Highlighting New Publication Data

February 18, 2014

BOULDER, Colo. and SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With its participation in the 58(th) annual Biophysical Society Meeting from February 15 – 19, along with the 21st International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, BiOptix entered a second week highlighting the 404pi SPR platform and new publication data to a global research audience in California.

“California continues to be a global center of scientific research,” noted Ken Wilczek, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for BiOptix. “We have seen increasing numbers of scientists during these symposia who are focused on the generation and collection of kinetic data.” Of particular highlight at both events is a recent publication in JBC, The Journal of Biological Chemistry which highlights the BiOptix 404pi. The publication: “Chemically-Modified DNA Aptamers Bind Interleukin-6 with High Affinity and Inhibit Signaling by Blocking its Interaction with Interleukin-6 Receptor” was written by SomaLogic (Boulder, Colorado) after a research collaboration with BiOptix. The publication can be found at: http://www.jbc.org/content/early/2014/01/12/jbc.M113.532580

The collaboration between SomaLogic and BiOptix began with the BiOptix Innovators Program–an industry-leading instrumentation demo program. Details about the BiOptix Innovators Program, in which BiOptix seeks to partner with academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology/drug discovery research labs,can be found at: http://www.bioptix.com/products/innovators-program

Surface Plasmon Resonance is an advanced and highly sensitive optical technology that measures refractive index changes on a sensor chip’s gold surface due to a change in mass that occurs during a binding event. This change can be used to monitor biological interactions such as the concentration of target molecules, kinetic rates and affinity constants. BiOptix has developed and patented a novel ultra-sensitive detection platform known as Enhanced Surface Plasmon resonance, or ESPR. Unlike traditional SPR, ESPR instrumentation from BiOptix enables the high sensitivity of SPR with the high stability and lower noise of common path interferometry.

About BiOptix

BiOptix Diagnostics is a privately held firm based in Boulder, Colorado, with leading investments from Boulder Ventures, Remeditex and Rusnano. BiOptix has developed a new class of analytical biosensor instrumentation utilizing a patented high-throughput label-free technology known as ESPR – Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance. BiOptix instrumentation allows researchers to study label-free protein-protein and protein-small molecule interaction–with high sensitivity and high throughput. Applications include: Protein-small molecule interactions, protein-protein kinetics, antibody affinities and epitope mapping, oligosaccharide characterization, nucleic acid (DNA-DNA or DNA-RNA) hybridization and biomolecule concentration measurements. Additional information about BiOptix and our products can be found at: www.bioptix.com


Source: PR Newswire

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