The Short Version of a Pain Journal: The CatchMyPain Pain Card

February 28, 2014

ZURICH, February 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Visualize your acute or chronic pain quickly and easily

While keeping a pain journal can be very valuable for seeing the development of the
pain and survey potential treatment success, it also requires a lot of work. Not always
the patient has the time, discipline or simply the ability to update a pain diary
regularly. Sometimes, just a moment in time can already give important insights: to
visualize the pain can expose patterns, clarify locations and give expression to the level
of suffering. Beyond that, it can help the patient to communicate about the pain, as the
visualization can be used to explain aspects that are difficult to put into words. For
this, Sanovation AG just released the CatchMyPain pain card [http://card.catchmypain.com

More than just a certain drug or specific symptoms

The CatchMyPain pain card offers a different approach to understanding pain. When a
patient shows the doctor [http://card.catchmypain.com ] a pain diary, the physician can
observe the influence of a certain drug or the development of a specific symptom. Not to
underestimate the value of such, but sometimes it is not all about that. A patient might
not need long term treatment, or on the other hand, he tried already so much. Maybe he
just does not feel understood and needs a tool to express his pain.

Approach another patient with the same disease, share the pain, find a treatment

With the CatchMyPain pain card patients can therefore draw their pain on a body model,
differentiate with distinct colours the pain intensity [http://card.catchmypain.com ] and
create the according images. These images can be shared easily. The patient can, for
example, find people with a similar disease or the same side effects in a pain forum and
see if they have found a useful treatment. But instead of having to explain how he feels
he has the alternative of showing it. The patient could even share it on larger platforms,
such as Facebook or Twitter. This way, more people see it, understand it and the chance
rises that someone amongst them has a solution.

Pain management in a pain clinic or at home

The CatchMyPain pain card is however not only suitable for online use and according
social platforms. The images can also be printed or sent by email. This way it can
complement the communication with a doctor or therapist while being in treatment or the
communication at home with family and friends, when trying to explain the personal
feelings. A drawing of back pain [http://card.catchmypain.com ] for example – isn’t it
worth a thousand words?

SOURCE Sanovation AG

Source: PR Newswire

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