March is Kidney Health Month: Are You at Risk for Kidney Disease?

March 12, 2014

Take 10 Minutes to Find Out

MONTREAL, March 12, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – This March, Kidney Health Month,
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is launching a free Online Risk
Assessment tool for kidney disease at www.kidney.ca/risk and a new public service announcement (PSA) to help raise awareness.
The PSA features Rush guitarist, Alex Lifeson, whose family has
suffered from conditions that cause kidney disease.

1 in 10 Canadians has Kidney Disease

“During the Kidney Foundation’s 50(th) anniversary year, we’re taking extra steps to empower individuals to
actively engage in their kidney health care,” says Paul Shay, the
charity’s National Executive Director. “Thanks to celebrity
spokesperson Alex Lifeson’s participation in a new public service
announcement, we are able to help raise awareness of the risk factors
for kidney disease. Canadians will also have a health information
e-tool at their fingertips and a printed risk assessment they can share
with their healthcare provider – crucial resources for their kidney
health management.”

In many cases, kidney disease can be prevented or managed and kidney
failure avoided. When kidney disease is inevitable, as is the case with
some genetic forms, finding out early can make the difference between
life and death.

Take 10 Minutes: Know Your Risk for Kidney Disease

“My father and grandfather both had kidney disease,” says Susan
McKenzie, The Kidney Foundation’s Senior Director of Development who
received a kidney transplant from her sister-in-law Marian Reich. “But
it was only when a doctor told me my kidneys were failing and I needed
to find someone to be a living donor that it registered for me that I
could lose my life.” After a long period of regular monitoring by a
kidney specialist, Susan’s creatinine (waste product from muscle
activity) level suddenly spiked, and she experienced a crash start in
dialysis before testing of a living donor was completed. She knows the
benefits of being well-informed early.

“The Kidney Foundation’s Online Risk Assessment tool can help each and
every person know their level of risk for kidney disease,” says Susan.
“Why not take 10 minutes to find out your risk level? It can be the
springboard to a health action plan with your care provider.”

The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Online Risk Assessment for Kidney
Disease was made possible through support from CN. The “Risk” Public
Service Announcement was made possible through Alex Lifeson’s generous
donation of time, and with the support of the Nova Scotia Department of
Health and Wellness and its Renal Program.

SOURCE Kidney Foundation of Canada

Source: PR Newswire

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