Mold Prompts Closure of San Francisco’s Fire Station 48, My Cleaning Products Advises Use of Two Mold Sprays to Help Public Avoid Similar Incident

March 12, 2014

The mold in a San Francisco fire station forced an evacuation, said a report. My Cleaning Products recommended two mold removal sprays to help others prevent the same incident.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

The presence of mold was confirmed in a fire station in San Francisco. And that forced the firefighters to move out of the building, said a report from abclocal.go.com dated March 07, 2014. In response to it, My Cleaning Products recommended two organic mold removal sprays to help the public safely avoid a similar incident.

As the report related, the mold was particularly found on Treasure Islands' Station 48. Its presence, it detailed, was confirmed after the building investigators released their report last week.

The fungus affected the downstairs rooms of the building, said the report. And as the investigators recommended abatement, it relayed that its staff and equipments were evacuated to a training facility. But because the temporary location is just a few blocks away, it added that no impact was expected on the response time of the firemen.

Based on the report though, some firefighters thought that the authorities' response to the problem was not fast enough. It relayed that just as they stated, they complained years ago about leaks and moldy smell in the building. However, the officials said that none of those complaints reached them else, they would have acted earlier.

Below is an excerpt from the post Mold Shut Down San Francisco Fire House by My Cleaning Products.

“Mold closed down yet another firehouse. And with it being a huge risk to human health, questions are floating whether the officials responded quick enough to protect the firemen.

Station 48 on Treasure Island in San Francisco was particularly the firehouse that was reportedly shut down due to the presence of the spores. Temporarily, its agents and equipments were moved to a nearby fire academy. And as the temporary location is just a few blocks away from the facility, no effect is expected on the response time of the firefighters.”

According to My Cleaning Products, the minor health problems that mold brings could turn worse in just a short time. Moreover, it could cause one to vacate his place as the firefighters of Station 48 did, it said. Because of that, it stated that it is essential to kill mold early.

However, to be able to do that, MCP cited that some help would be needed. And among the many mold remediation products, it asserted that Molderizer and Safe Shield are the best aid one could get.

As it pointed out, the two mold removal solutions are made with organic ingredients unlike most of the home cleaning sprays. That, it said, makes them safe as they release no chemicals that could harm anyone's health.

Apart from that, it stated that the two products offer an effective and complete mold cleaning process. That's because while Molderizer kills the mold spores from the roots to the tips, Safe Shield blocks their return, it explained.

To personally experience the benefits of the products, MCP invites everyone to visit its website at mycleaningproducts and get the Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples.

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