Bakery Industry in India (Bread, Biscuits and Other Products) Present & Future Prospects, Market Size, Statistics, Trends, SWOT Analysis and Forecasts (Upto 2017)

March 13, 2014

MUMBAI, March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Bharat Book Bureau presents Bakery Industry in India (Bread, Biscuits and Other
Products) Present & Future Prospects, Market Size, Statistics, Trends, SWOT Analysis and
Forecasts (Upto 2017). In this report provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian bakery
industry covering detailed reporting of the bread and biscuits sector in India. The report
also provides a bird’s eye view of the global bakery industry with details on projected
market size and then progresses to evaluate the Indian industry in detail.



The report elucidates the structure of Indian bakery industry, its classification in
various products (Biscuits, bread, cakes, pastries, buns and rusks) and then provides a
categorical overview of bread and the biscuits sector. The Indian biscuit sector is
dominated by players like Britannia, Parle and Sunfeast brand (ITC) together with other
small players like Priyagold, Anmol Biscuits, Cremica etc whereas bread sector has only
two major players, Britannia and Modern; and a host of regional players like Harvest Gold,
Bonn, Vibbs etc.

The report provides an expansive market analysis of the Indian bakery sector by
covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry as well as
comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector. The report indentifies growth factors of the
industry as changing perception of the bakery products coupled with changing lifestyles of
the Indian population. Consumption of bakery products was not in the Indian culture;
however with changing eating habits of the people and with rising western influence on
food consumption patterns, bakery products today have got takers from all age groups in
the country. Rising preference for premium biscuit category is another factor that will
contribute in the volume growth for the industry. Glucose segment has been losing its
share to categories like cookies and cream biscuits which are growing at a much higher
rate than the overall biscuit sector. Also the industry has been experiencing
fortification of the bakery products in order to satiate the burgeoning appetite of the
‘health conscious’ Indian. Numerous healthy products have been launched in the bakery
segment and are gaining popularity at a high rate. Mounting presence of bakery chains has
further triggered the growth in the sector. Several international bakery chains have
entered in India recognizing potential of the industry.

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Trends that have been gaining ground in the sector are e-retailing of the bakery
products, aggressive expansion plans of the incumbents as well as technological and
ingredients advancement. Just when you thought that electronics and clothes were the only
popular categories in e-retailing, there came bakery products which have been gaining
traction in the e-retailing segment. Bakers are also bringing innovation and advancement
in the technology and ingredients they use. Packaging front has also seen some changes in
the past years.

The report further evaluates the position of the industry by providing insights to the
SWOT analysis of the industry. Large Indian population, abundant supply of raw materials
and low capital requirements are some strengths of the bakery segment in India. India is
among top producers of key raw materials of the bakery industry which puts sector in the
sweet spot. The sector faces challenges in the form of raw material fluctuations, high
taxation as well as its unorganized nature. Industry’s raw materials being agricultural in
nature are exposed to seasonal fluctuations in terms of availability and price movements.
Rising competition in the sector due to low capital requirements and high growth rate of
the sector is another impediment faced by the industry. However even after such
challenges, the industry has opportunities galore. Low consumption of bakery products in
the industry and spurt in the organized retail in the country are some of the biggest
opportunities for the bakery players. Rising incomes as well as emergence of new middle
class segment will also be key factors in the growth for the industry. Indian bakery
segment is already in a favorable position with high rural penetration of its products
which will help it tap the Indian rural consumption boom.

The next segment of the report scrutinizes the demand supply scenario of the bakery
industry with projections of important numbers covering the overall bakery sector as well
as biscuit and bread segment also. The report also provides you a succinct view on the
foreign trade of bakery products. It captures the current market size of the sector as a
whole together with bread and biscuit segment coupled with forecasts for the next five

The report also includes key player

        - Britannia Industries Ltd
        - Parle Products Ltd
        - ITC Ltd
        - Surya Food & Agro Ltd (Priyagold)
        - Modern Food Industries India Ltd

The report shares vital information like shareholding pattern, revenue mix, plant
location and financial summary of the aforesaid companies. The next segment provides
complete financial comparison of bakery companies in India.

Indian bakery industry is one of the biggest sections in the processed food industry
of the nation and has undergone a massive change majorly on account of changing perception
of bakery products and evolving consumer tastes. Rising urbanization and growth in the
disposable incomes of the Indian population has proven to be a magnet for international
bakery chains owing to which the sector has seen an influx of foreign bakery companies
foraying into India which has helped in improving the quality of Indian bakery products.
Today there is a constant effort by the bakery players to innovate their product line to
match up to Indian palate. Driven by evolving perception of bakery products in India,
consumption boom in the nation and changing consumer preferences, we estimate the Indian
bakery industry to touch levels of INR 483 billion in the next five years.

Reasons for Buying this Report

        - This research report helps you get a detail picture of the industry by
          providing overview of the industry along with the market structure and classification
        - The report provides market analysis covering major growth driving factors for
          the industry and latest market trends in the industry
        - This report helps to understand the present status of the industry by
          elucidating a comprehensive SWOT analysis and scrutiny of the demand supply situation
        - Report provides analysis and in-depth financial comparison of major
        - The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the
          industry performance

Our Approach:

        - Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis,
          outlook and forecast for a period of five years.
        - The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are
          cross-validated through interactions with the industry players
        - We use reliable sources of information and databases. And information from
          such sources is processed by us and included in the report

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