The Clearing Offers Addiction Treatment Guarantee

March 18, 2014

Newly launched innovative residential treatment center now guarantees results for addiction, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

The Clearing SPC, an innovative Washington treatment center specializing in a wide variety of addictive and limiting behaviors, today announced that it will provide a guarantee to graduates of its addiction treatment and mental health residential treatment program. Participants who complete the program and whose issues reappear, will be able to repeat the full counseling and residential treatment program again, free of charge. Follow the link for full details on the addiction treatment guarantee.

“Given the overall dismal success rates of the addiction treatment and rehab industry, it’s no surprise that very few residential rehab treatment centers guarantee results,” said Joe Koelzer, co-founder and CEO, The Clearing. “We wanted to change that. We feel so strongly our Participants will experience profound healing and a profound change in their lives that we back it up with a guarantee. This will also serve to reduce anxiety on one of the biggest decisions of their lives.”

The Clearing’s founders were all too familiar, from research and personal experience, with the traditional rehab & recovery industry and its weaknesses. There are many stories of people going to residential rehab (in some cases, multiple times!) and not experiencing a substantive addiction treatment program, in some cases coming out of treatment worse than they went in. The research showed that many traditional residential treatment programs employ the 12 Steps to provide behavior modification and coping skills as their solution, which doesn’t address the core mental and emotional issues present for people struggling with substance addiction, alcoholism, depression, or other disorders.

The Clearing is a 12-steps alternative program that combines a myriad of conventional, spiritual and holistic therapeutic approaches to identify, address, and heal issues at their core. The addiction treatment program is one of empowerment and personal responsibility – no shame, no guilt. Unique in the industry, participants enter and leave as a group, receiving 120 hours of uniquely personal individual and group counseling. Underlying core issues are identified and addressed to facilitate lasting healing.

About The Clearing SPC

Established in 2012, The Clearing SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) is a residential treatment center specializing in a wide variety of addictive and limiting behaviors, including alcoholism, substance abuse, emotional stability, mood and eating disorders, and other conditions. The Clearing provides a structured, multidimensional inpatient treatment program incorporating both conventional and Spiritual Psychology, which enables participants to identify, address and heal issues at their core. Unique in the industry, participants join in a group for an immersive 28-day program in an extraordinary recovery center located on a 64-acre working farm on beautiful San Juan Island, WA, about 75 miles and a ferry ride away from Seattle.

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