Face2Gene Mobile App Uses Facial Photos to Investigate Childhood Genetic Syndromes

March 19, 2014

FDNA launches Face2Gene[TM], a search and reference mobile app powered by its proprietary Facial Dysmorphology Novel Analysis technology

NEW YORK, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

FDNA(R) (http://www.fdna.com) – a pioneer in computer-aided dysmorphology analysis
has announced the availability of Face2Gene – a genetic search and reference mobile
application powered by the Facial Dysmorphology Novel Analysis technology. Face2Gene
facilitates detection of facial dysmorphic features and recognizable patterns of human
malformations, while accessing comprehensive and up-to-date genetic references. Face2Gene
aids and empowers in accelerating and increasing confidence in the research and
investigation of genetic syndromes.

“FDNA’s game-changing technology introduces an objective computer-aided dimension to
the “art of dysmorphology”, transforming the analysis into an evidence-based science.” Dr.
Michael R. Hayden, CM, OBC, FRSC – Chairman of FDNA’s Scientific Advisory Board & Steering
Committee and Editor in Chief of Clinical Genetics.

Face2Gene is easy-to-use and seamlessly integrates into user’s workflow, highlighting
standardized phenotype and dysmorphic features, enabling single-point access to genetic
references, and building a personalized search archive with convenient peer consultation.
Face2Gene is fully HIPAA compliant adhering to applicable privacy standards.

Face2Gene provides a unique set of features, including comprehensive search and review
of multiple online resources, full HPO annotation support, and side-by-side display of
similar images, enhanced by a visual display of the syndrome “Gestalt” to augment the
users’ evaluation. Additional tools include personal case archive management, customized
reports, and a knowledge-sharing community platform with online peer-consultations.

“FDNA’s solution is a huge leap forward for dysmorphology. It saves me significant
time when I’m evaluating patients in my clinic and provides me with insightful tools that
help me generate a differential diagnosis.” said Dr. David A. Chitayat, MD, FABMG, FACMG,
FCCMG, FRCPC – Head of the Prenatal Diagnosis and Medical Genetics Program at Mount Sinai
Hospital, Toronto.

“We are proud to launch Face2Gene – our unique offering for professional caregivers in
the genetics community. FDNA is dedicated to providing our users with innovative solutions
that help them address the urgent and unmet needs of their patients” said Mr. Dekel
Gelbman, CEO of FDNA.

About FDNA

FDNA’s mission is to save lives and improve the quality of life of patients with rare
or difficult-to-diagnose genetic syndromes. FDNA has developed the proprietary Facial
Dysmorphology Novel Analysis technology. This cutting-edge technology facilitates
comprehensive analyses of dysmorphic features and recognizable patterns of human
malformations from facial photos.

Using advanced learning algorithms, the technology improves over time, referencing
comprehensive phenotype databases in real-time.

Using the power of cloud-computing and a HIPAA compliant community platform, FDNA
brings this innovation to mobile devices. FDNA’s solutions aid and empower in accelerating
and increasing confidence in the research and investigation of genetic syndromes while
leveraging the ever-increasing amounts of data in human genetics and dysmorphology.

Face2Gene is a search and reference tool provided for informational purposes and not
intended to replace the clinician’s judgment or experience, nor should it be used to
diagnose or treat medical conditions.

        Media contact:
        FDNA Inc.
        Shiry Benschar, Director of Marketing Communications
        Tel: +1-347-305-0085



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