New Website For Summit Behavioral Health As They Launch New Facilities And Expand Their Residential Treatment And Detoxification In New Jersey

March 26, 2014

Summit Behavioral Health announces a new website, http://www.summithelps.com, with a refreshed look and feel in preparation for their new facilities opening up this year. Not only do they have Intensive Outpatient Programs but have been expanding with Residential Treatment and a Detoxification facilities in New Jersey.

Chester, NJ (PRWEB) March 26, 2014

Summit Behavioral Health anchors on the belief of quality life for addicts; hence provision of needed assistance to help addicts overcome addiction and life drug and alcohol-free lives. The new website, http://www.summithelps.com, showcases the Intensive Outpatient Programs already in place, and those that will be implemented in the new Pennsylvania facilities, to be opened this year, as well the extension of detox and residential treatment services in their detoxification facility. The treatment (flexible, holistic and personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment) incorporate evidence-based treatment programs and dual diagnosis; provided in their facilities, as well as patients' chosen venues. Treatment depends on a patient's conditions, established through a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation and is followed up with support and after treatment care.

Dual diagnosis: Detox and treatment

Substance abuse, resulting in addiction, is a product of drug ingestion and other social, economic, financial and mental factors. On its own, physical addiction can be treated through safe detoxification (withdrawing addiction substance and treating withdrawal symptoms with other drugs or therapy). However, underlying factors make a complete recovery almost impossible. Summit Behavioral Health seeks to identify the extent of patient's addiction, as well as factors underlying that addiction, including genetic predisposition, financial issues, mental/ physical conditions and environmental/ lifestyle factors, so as to develop a comprehensive treatment program.

Treatment programs

Depending on a patient's addiction severity, or lack of it, Summit Behavioral Health's staffs may recommend residential treatment in the detoxification facility, intensive outpatient programs or sessions in and out of the treatment facility. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which lasts 12 weeks, mostly applies to addicts with severe addiction, who do not wish to be admitted into the facility. Residential treatment can apply to any addict who wishes to be admitted for addiction and co-occurring disorders' treatment in the detoxification facility.

After treatment support programs

Summit Behavioral Health offers patients, and their families additional support during and after addiction treatment and recovery. The support prevents relapse and enables recovered addicts establish and maintain a drug and alcohol free life. Family Education and Counselling, Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, Maintenance and Continued Care, 12-Step and Self-Help Programs, Advanced Recovery Program as well as Relapse Prevention Program (RPP) comprise some of the programs that Summit Behavioral Health offers to recovering/ recovered addicts and their families.


Summit Behavioral Health works towards enabling consenting adults and adolescents recover from drug and alcohol abuse, as well lead healthy lives. This center does not admit people by force or take referrals from prisons and other institutions. This institution has professional detox staffs and substance abuse counselors, who evaluate a patient's conditions and develop flexible, individualized residential treatment programs or intensive outpatient programs. Patients receive after treatment care together with their families for a continued drug and alcohol-free life. Summit Behavioral Health has two outpatient treatment centers (Princeton Junction, NJ and Doylestown, PA), and a residential treatment center in Chester, NJ.

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