East Idaho Interventional Pain Center Now Offering The Calmare® Pain Therapy Device Treatments

March 27, 2014

Non-invasive Approach Avoids the Harmful, Adverse Side Effects and Addictive Properties Linked to Narcotic Painkillers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Patients living with chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain in the Idaho Falls region can now count on a new arsenal in the fight against these conditions. The medical team at East Idaho Interventional Pain Center is now offering a non-invasive approach to their patients with the addition of the Calmare(®) Pain Therapy Device treatments as part of the suite of procedures offered at the center.

The Calmare(®) Pain Therapy Device is an FDA-cleared medical device that non-invasively treats chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. Calmare treatments avoid the harmful, adverse side effects and addictive properties linked to narcotic painkillers by using a biophysical rather than a biochemical approach. The device re-associates the “pain” message sent from the patient’s pain site to their brain with a “no-pain” message. This re-association message is transmitted to the patient’s brain via deep muscle fibers by implementing disposable surface electrodes applied to the skin near the patient’s pain site from the device.

“The device creates and sends a ‘no-pain’ signal, which becomes the dominant signal received by the brain; thus, overriding the pain signal and providing relief for our patients with chronic, high-intensity neuropathic pain and cancer pain, resistant to morphine and other harmful narcotic painkillers,” said Dr. Holly Zoe, MD, DABA, DAPM, ABIME. “We are pleased to offer now other alternatives to patients who prefer not to be on narcotic painkillers.”

One patient who benefited from Calmare treatment is Mary Edmo, who went to East Idaho Interventional Pain Center seeking treatment to address neuropathy on her legs and feet. “My pain level was an 8 and after the treatment, my pain level was at 0. For the next five treatments, I went in in pain levels at a 1 and came out at zero. I’ve had no more pain in my legs or feet.”

East Idaho Interventional Pain Center can help patients with the following indications with the device:

    --  Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN)
    --  Phantom limb syndrome
    --  Sciatica
    --  Post-surgical neuropathic pain
    --  Low back pain
    --  Neck pain
    --  Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    --  Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN)

About East Idaho Interventional Pain Management:

East Idaho Interventional Pain Management is dedicated to relieving the anxieties and ailments associated with pain through cutting edge technology and service. For more information, log on to http://www.eastidahopain.com/.

About Calmare((R)) Pain Device Therapy – The Calmare((R)) pain therapy device is a patented and proprietary, U.S. FDA 510(k)-cleared and European CE mark-certified pain medical device for the non-invasive and non-narcotic treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. The medical device uses a multi-processor that creates a new pain association signal from pain source to the brain, which replaces a “pain” message with a “no-pain” message. The “no-pain” message is delivered to the brain through surface electrodes. The therapy may provide immediate to long-lasting pain relief for the patient.

Competitive Technologies, Inc. (OTCQX: CTTC) is the exclusive licensee of the Calmare pain therapy device. The pain treatment has been administered to thousands of patients worldwide. In pilot studies, treatments had shown to provide immediate and long-term positive results with neuropathic and oncologic pain patients. For more information, visit Competitive Technologies on the web at www.competitivetech.net.


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