A Revolutionary Natural Pain Relief Solution is Launched and is Now Available in the Market

March 28, 2014

HIGH WYCOMBE, England, March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

FG Xpress launches a new revolutionary natural pain relief solution in the market. The
PowerStrips from FG Xpress is a pain relief product designed to take away all kinds of
muscle pains naturally and safely. The product is formulated with key ingredients that do
not just target to lessen users’ pain issues but also help rejuvenate their body.

Generally, there are more than 1.5 billion people that suffer from pain. Pain may come
in different forms but the most common pain that people experience everyday due to tough
tasks and rigorous activities is the physical pain. For these, a breakthrough pain relief
solution is made to give people an easier and safer way to lessen their physical pain.
PowerStrips can be a better alternative for taking pain relievers taken orally.

PowerStrips is the very first product listed as the Class 1 Medical Device by FDA. It
only testifies that the product is proven to be effective and safe to use. It is proven to
relive most of the common kinds of bodily pain such as migraines and headaches. The
product comes in a form of patch. The noticeable effects of using the product is the
relief on their pain with the help of the combination of powerful herbs the product
contains and absorbed by the body through the patch. It is also characterized by many as a
powerful detox that contours to the users’ body with its water soluble adhesive

The key ingredients of this breakthrough pain relief product include far infrared
which enables it have a healing power. Far infrared is an organic Germanium that is
formulated to absorb the natural energy waves of the body and then convert them back into
far infrared directed back into the body. This ingredient of the product also helps boost
the propagation of more oxygen to the blood and allows the body cells to export its
metabolic waste as well as heal themselves faster. The product also contains Korean
Ginseng, Marine Phytoplankton, Water soluble adhesive and Silver. All have the ability to
help relieve pain of the body.

FG Xpress makes the product available to the public free of charge by just registering
their details in their website. With the use of PowerStrips, people can strip away their
pain and live pain free.


For more information about this revolutionary pain relief solution, visit
http://thispatchworks.com/steelasophical/2052. To bulk buy from the online store:
http://fgxpress.tictail.com For inquiries, contact FG Xpress Steelasophical at


“I received the PowerStrips recently and placed one on my elbow where I had developed
severe tendonitis about 2 months ago. In less than an hour I experience a reduction in
pain and an increase in mobility of my arm. I have been wearing the strips continually
with no pain or issues and have been amazed at how miraculous the results have been for
me.” ——- Kevin O.

        Contact: Gary Trotman, Independent Distributor
        Address: Steelasophical House
        Phone: +44(0)7540-307890

SOURCE FG Xpress Steelasophical

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