Health Minister Ambrose Tours First Nations Health Centre

April 4, 2014

Latest Technology Improving Health Delivery to Siksika Nation

SIKSIKA FIRST NATION, AB, April 4, 2014 /CNW/ – Today, Minister Ambrose
toured the Siksika Health Centre to see first-hand the innovations and
the latest technologies being used to improve the health and well-being
of First Nations.

The Centre, which opened in 2007, is one of the most technologically
advanced First Nations health centres. It was built and operates as a
partnership between the Siksika Nation, the Government of Canada and
the Government of Alberta.

During the tour, Minister saw first-hand the impact of recent
investments in electronic health records and heard about the broad
range of clinical and preventative health services offered.

Following the tour, Minister Ambrose was also briefed on the efforts by
the Siksika community to rebuild the buildings and repair the damage
done by last spring’s historic flood.

Quick Facts

        --  Siksika Health Centre serves 6,000 members of the Siksika First
            Nation. Its programs are supported by the Siksika Nation, the
            Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta.  It
            provides a wide range services including: primary care,
            community health and wellness programs, assisted living
            facilities, and diagnostic testing.
        --  The Siksika Health Centre was an early adopter of tele-health
            technology and launched Alberta's first electronic immunization
            information system for First Nations in 2012.
        --  The Centre is home to a number of unique programs including a
            Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention Clinic, an integrated Elder
            Care program and a Rheumatology Clinic.


“Touring this facility helped me understand the positive impact the
e-health initiative has had on health delivery to the Siksika Nation.
It demonstrates the great improvements we can make by working with our
First Nations and provincial partners to bring the latest technology
into the Canadian health system.”

Hon. Rona Ambrose

Minister of Health

“Siksika Nation is proud to showcase the treatment and prevention
programs serving our community. The good working relationships we have
with our federal and provincial partners have helped make these
initiatives possible, and we’re honoured to show Minister Ambrose how
they are delivered at our Health and Wellness centre.”

Vincent Yellow Old Woman

Chief, Siksika Nation

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