Virginia ENT Expands Tech Capabilities With CT Scanners

April 14, 2014

The four-location ENT practice looks to its new MiniCAT CT Scanners to provide a new level of quick and comprehensive care for patients

RICHMOND, Va., April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Virginia ENT, the four-location ear, nose and throat health practice with offices throughout Richmond and the Tri-Cities, just added a ground-breaking piece of technology to their repository: Xoran MiniCAT CT Scanners are now accessible at their West End and Midlothian locations. The new technology is used to perform sinus and temporal bone CT scans on patients: a more convenient, lower radiation, less costly alternative to traditional CT scanners.

“With the MiniCAT CT scanners we are able to get sinus and temporal bone CT scans performed sooner for our patients, while significantly reducing their exposure to radiation as well as their costs,” says Virginia ENT’s Dr. Van Himbergen. “Being able to schedule the scans more efficiently also affords us the opportunity to make diagnoses and develop treatment plans faster.”

The Xoran MiniCAT CT Scanner is a compact, upright system designed for high-resolution, bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base. The open upright design and the lower radiation make the MiniCAT a particularly attractive alternative for children. The scanners are also very useful to the Virginia ENT doctors in helping identify candidates for balloon sinuplasty: a minimally invasive procedure performed in Virginia ENT’s offices that alleviates uncomfortable and reoccurring sinus symptoms. The scanners provide immediate and accurate diagnostic information, high-quality images with significantly less radiation to the patients.

For more information about Virginia ENT’s new technology, email Sarah Murphy at SarahM@madisonmain.com. To learn more about Virginia ENT or to schedule an appointment, call 804-484-3700 or visit VirginiaENT.com.

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