Family of Autistic Child Launches Startup to Provide Professional Grade GPS Tracker at Affordable Price to Benefit Other Families in Need

April 18, 2014

CloudHawk USA will subsidize discounted consumer sales of pocket GPS trackers with profits from its sales to businesses.

NEW YORK, April 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CloudHawk USA introduces the only professional pocket GPS tracker with 7 days battery life and temperature monitor, along with a mission to make it affordable for families affected by autism or Alzheimer’s.

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The CloudHawk USA GPS tracker is unique because it can provide peace of mind to families with children and senior citizens, as well as help businesses save money. The company plans to offer it to consumers at deeply discounted prices, while making up for it with profits from sales to businesses.

It is the only professional pocket GPS tracker that can also monitor the temperature around people and objects. With the biggest GPS antenna and rechargeable battery in a pocket form, it is ideal for tracking people, assets, small-fleets, and personal vehicles.

The CloudHawk technology is backed by years of experience in the design team DBJay Ltd., of Canada, and has a history of proven performance and reliability in use by law enforcement agencies in Asia. The CloudHawk USA model is specifically designed for professional and consumer use, with the exclusive temperature monitor, and user-friendly Android and iPhone apps and Internet interface.

    CloudHawk USA tracker  Bluetooth Trackers tiles, Portable / Watch GPS
                           buttons                   Trackers
    ---                    -------                   --------

    Temperature Monitor    No                        No
    -------------------    ---                       ---

    7 Days Real Use
     Battery Life          Varies                    1 to 2 Days Real Use
    ---------------        ------                    --------------------

    Extra Sensitive GPS    Short Range Bluetooth     Small GPS Antenna -
    Antenna - Works
     Indoors                                         Works Outdoors
    ---------------                                  --------------

    Real On The Move
     Tracking              Shows Within Range (up to Still Location Reporting
    with Street Addresses  20 ft)
    ---------------------  -----

    Rubberized Tough Black Light Duty Plastic        Assorted Colors Plastic

    Proven Use By Law      No                        No

    National Data Service  No                        Varies
    Providers -AT&T/T

The small but tough case is rubberized and fits into any pocket, backpack, glove compartment, and even a teddy bear. It weighs just 2.4 ounces and is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

Availability and Cost

The company has 100 pre-production units in stock, and expects more inventory in June.

The retail price for each tracker is $150, with discounted consumer price as low as $75.

Introductory packages that includes the tracker and 6 months of data and tracking services for $150 (half off) is available until May 17, 2014 on its Indiegogo campaign http://igg.me/at/cloudhawk.

Eric Tam, one of the founders of CloudHawk USA, said of the development of this project, “In 2013, Oscar was diagnosed with autism, and is unable to speak while tending to run off by himself. Our family, with three generations in the electronics field, started searching for a tracker for his safety and our peace of mind. We bought dozens of GPS trackers, watches, and Bluetooth stickers, tiles, and buttons; and finally found the CloudHawk designed by DB Jay Ltd. in Canada in use overseas. They customized the USA version with the exclusive temperature monitor and user-friendly apps. We liked it so much that we became the USA distributor for it and wanted to make it affordable for other families that definitely can benefit from it too. We figured out that we can sell it at our cost to consumers while the profits from the sale to businesses will help keep us going.”

About CloudHawk USA:

CloudHawk USA is based in New York and will be run by the Tam family, with three generations in the electronics field.

Design and technology by DB Jay Ltd., Waterloo Canada.

Data service and technical support by Tracmanager LLC, Syracuse NY.


Company Website:

Contact: Adam Tam

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Source: PR Newswire

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