Proventix congratulates the 2014 Hand Hygiene All-Americans for their dedication to safety, quality and leadership in healthcare.

April 29, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Proventix Systems, Inc. of Birmingham, AL announces its inaugural list of Hand Hygiene All-Americans, a new award given to healthcare workers from hospitals across the United States who consistently demonstrate safety, quality and leadership through their hand hygiene practices.

For the award, Proventix recognizes nearly 100 healthcare workers observed by Proventix’s nGage(TM) system’s radio frequency identification (RFID) badges and based on three annual benchmarks. To qualify for the award, the healthcare worker must have over 1,500 hours of RFID badge time monitored, over 3,000 patient room visits and an exceptional compliance ranking. The 2014 Hand Hygiene All-Americans come from hospitals around the country and are grouped into three categories: First Team All-Americans, Second Team All-Americans and Honorable Mentions.

The Hand Hygiene All-Americans were created to celebrate the successes of individual healthcare workers who demonstrate leadership in hand hygiene compliance and encourage others in the healthcare industry to follow their example. Proventix clients have experienced a sustained aggregate improvement in overall hand hygiene compliance since implementing the nGage system. These clients have shown that with the appropriate data, leadership and technology, hand hygiene improvements are both possible and sustainable for hospitals.

“Proventix congratulates the 2014 Hand Hygiene All-Americans for their recognition as leaders in quality improvement,” said Harvey Nix, Proventix chief executive officer. “Hand hygiene is a key behavior that can have rippling effects on many other quality events in a hospital. These individuals lead by example and are a great asset to the healthcare industry.”

“In a hospital setting, there are a lot of things done that the general public doesn’t understand clinically, but one thing that everyone understands is the importance of a low infection rate,” said Mike Marshall, Administrator at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital in Demopolis, Alabama. “Although our hospital has traditionally had a very low infection rate, this recognition shines a spotlight on our commitment to high-quality clinical care.”

The fact that Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital is one of the smallest hospitals participating in the All-Americans only serves to accentuate the importance of this recognition. “The percentage of our total clinical staff recognized is extremely high,” Marshall said. “We’re very proud of all of our staff for their commitment to providing the best care possible for our patients.”

Proventix’s nGage system, an RFID technology solution that leverages active and passive RFID technology, was created to give hospitals objective performance ratings based on their delivery of the key behaviors that lead to optimal patient outcomes. Beginning with hand hygiene and expanding services to include hourly rounding, quality monitoring and workflow improvement, Proventix provides the analytics and action plans needed for hospitals to maximize their resources and minimize never events and inefficient processes. The nGage system is currently installed in hospitals across the United States and with over 50 million hand hygiene events captured, Proventix has collected what it believes is the leading database of hand hygiene events and analytics.

Join us in congratulating the Hand Hygiene All-Americans by following the Proventix Twitter hashtag #ProventixAllAmericans. You can also read more about Proventix and these awards at http://www.proventix.com/awards.

For more information, contact Lauren Moore at mediarelations@proventix.com, visit http://www.proventix.com or call (205) 383-1156.

Proventix Systems, Inc., based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a RFID technology company whose mission is to eliminate the human and economic costs of infectious disease in healthcare while improving safety, quality and efficiency. They provide tools and services for quality compliance monitoring, active point of care communication, and successful behavior modification. Visit: www.proventix.com.

Media Contact: Lauren Moore

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