QT Vascular initiates Chocolate Cases in Singapore

May 6, 2014

Chocolate® PTA may benefit Singaporean patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease

SINGAPORE, May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — QT Vascular Ltd. (QT Vascular) is pleased to announce that it has started clinical cases with the Chocolate® PTA balloon catheter (Chocolate® PTA) in Singapore. Five cases were performed at National University Hospital (NUH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH).

Speaking after the procedures, Dr. Steven Kum, a vascular surgeon at CGH and an expert in treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD), stated, “After treating several patients with severe disease both above and below the knee, I believe that Chocolate PTA has an important role in the peripheral lab as it offers less traumatic treatment without the use of a permanent implant. I’m also very excited about the potential for the Drug-Coated Chocolate balloon for below the knee disease that is more common in Singapore because there are no adequate treatment options for those patients.”

Added Dr. Julian Wong, Division head, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at NUH, “I truly agree with Dr. Kum. Chocolate PTA gives a more uniform angioplasty result with less intimal dissection. It has a great potential in reducing the use of stents in complex lesions below and above the knee.”

According to Singapore Health Services, PAD is a major cause of limb loss (amputation) in Singapore. However, it does not receive as much attention as diseases involving the other vascular beds, namely coronary artery disease and cerebrovascular disease ((1)).

The Chocolate® PTA design represents a breakthrough in PTA balloon catheters. The Chocolate® PTA is used for the treatment of patients with vascular disease in their legs, known as PAD. It was designed to provide predictable, uniform, less traumatic dilatation of peripheral vasculature. The Chocolate® PTA has demonstrated a very low rate of dissections and bail-out stenting in clinical studies in the United States((2)).

QT Vascular’s product pipeline includes a Drug-Coated Chocolate balloon. It combines the acute benefits of the Chocolate® PTA with paclitaxel-based coating, an anti-proliferative drug that has been shown to be efficacious in the prevention of re-narrowing of the artery over time.

“The cases performed at these prestigious institutions mark a key milestone in QT Vascular’s journey to bring improved PAD treatment options to patients,” said Dr. Eitan Konstantino, Chief Executive Officer of QT Vascular, “We are very excited to treat patients in Singapore, our home base.”

About Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is caused by the build-up of fatty substances that collect and adhere to the linings of the arteries, in a process known as atherosclerosis. The build-up causes the internal lining of the artery to thicken, narrowing the artery and limiting blood flow to vital tissues and organs. Commonly affected arteries include those located in the legs, arms, neck and kidneys. The vast majority of patients with PAD also have significant concomitant coronary artery disease (CAD) and a high proportion of morbidity and mortality in these patients is related to myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke or cardiovascular death. PAD is estimated to affect 202 million people worldwide ((3)).

About QT Vascular

QT Vascular Ltd. (QTV) is an emerging leader in the development and commercialization of next generation minimally invasive products for the treatment of complex vascular disease. The Company works closely with leading physicians and scientists from around the world to create differentiated devices that improve procedural and clinical outcomes. QTV is based in Singapore with a US subsidiary, TriReme Medical, in Pleasanton, California. The Company was listed on the Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 29 April 2014.


((1)) Singapore Health Services website (http://www.singhealth.com.sg/PatientCare/ConditionsAndTreatments/Pages/Peripheral-Arterial-Disease.aspx).

((2)) Das T for Mustapha J. Chocolate® Bar, Leipzig Interventional Course, 28-31 January, 2014.

((3)) “Comparison of global estimates of prevalence and risk factors for peripheral artery disease in 2000 and 2010: a systematic review and analysis.” 19 Oct 2013. The Lancet.

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