Zecotek Files Patent for Enhanced LFS Crystal Array Manufacturing

May 8, 2014

SINGAPORE, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX-V: ZMS; Frankfurt: W1I.F), a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for medical,
industrial and scientific markets, today announced it has enhanced the
LFS scintillation crystal array manufacturing and assembling process
resulting in a more flexible production output at a significantly
improved price point. The enhanced process allows for manufacturing of
LFS crystal arrays with various sizes and configurations at a
competitive price when compared to single element prices. Zecotek has
filed a patent application on its highly innovative method of
manufacturing crystal block arrays with the United States Patent

“We have made a significant break-through with respect to the production
of our LFS crystal arrays used in positron emission tomography and
gamma scanning devices,” said Dr. A.F. Zerrouk, Chairman, President,
and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. “Our scientific team is continually
searching for better, more efficient ways to manufacture and produce
our imaging technologies to meet the requirements of the OEM’s which
are presently going through a reconfiguration of their machines. By
modifying the method of manufacturing and assembling our LFS crystal
arrays, we can now produce crystal arrays of variable sizes and
configurations even for low volume quantity with precise control on the
Pitch dimension between individual elements.”

Zecotek’s patented (US patent No. 7,132,060) LFS scintillation crystals
are known for their high light yields and ultra-fast decay times which
allow for faster and higher-resolution operation of medical imaging
equipment including PET medical scanners, and industrial imaging
devices used in high energy physics experiments. Zecotek’s LFS
crystals also cover a range of emission wavelengths which can match the
spectral sensitivity of various photo detectors including Zecotek`s
solid-state MAPD photo detector arrays.

Other medical applications for LFS crystals include micro-PET detectors,
widely used in drug research, and in gamma cameras used for breast and
prostate examinations. Non-medical applications include gamma ray
detector systems for homeland security, geological surveying, materials
analysis, high energy physics and nuclear stockpile monitoring.

Zecotek’s LFS scintillation crystals will be supplied by the Beijing
Opto-Electronics Technology Company (BOET), a subsidiary of North-China
Research Institute of Electronics-Optics an industry leader in growing,
cutting, polishing and large scale production of scintillation crystals
grown by the Czochralski method. Zecotek’s manufacturing process
permits the growth of very large-diameter boules with uniform
properties and without cracking (a problem with many competing
scintillation materials), resulting in high element output and lower
unit costs.

Zecotek also announces the granting of 1,850,000 stock options to
directors, employees and consultants for their contributions to the
Company. The exercise price is set at $0.70 and will expire in five
years. 1,820,000 stock options expired on April 28(th), 2014. The stock options are subject to regulatory approval.

About Zecotek

Zecotek Photonics Inc (TSX-V: ZMS; Frankfurt: W1I) is a photonics
technology company developing high-performance scintillation crystals,
photo detectors, positron emission tomography scanning technologies, 3D
auto-stereoscopic displays, and lasers for applications in medical,
high-tech and industrial sectors. Founded in 2004, Zecotek operates
three divisions: Imaging Systems, Laser Systems and 3D Display Systems
with labs located in Canada, Korea, Russia, Singapore and U.S.A. The
management team is focused on building shareholder value by
commercializing over 50 patented and patent pending novel photonic
technologies directly and through strategic alliances and joint
ventures with leading industry partners such as Hamamatsu Photonics
(Japan), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Switzerland),
Beijing Opto-Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. (China), NuCare Medical
Systems (South Korea), and National NanoFab Center (South Korea). For
more information visit www.zecotek.com, follow @zecotek on Twitter and “like” us in Facebook at www.facebook.com/zecotek.

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