Substance Abuse Group Supports Medication to Assist in Overcoming Alcoholism

May 15, 2014

Recovery professionals hope to increase awareness of helpful recovery alternative.

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 15, 2014

As reported by The New York Times (5/13) in the article, Drugs to Aid Alcoholics See Little Use, Study Finds, the journal of the American Medical Association has discovered that while drugs exist to help alcoholics resist drinking as well as to help them fend off heart issues, they are rarely prescribed. The FDA has already approved the two medications, naltrexone and acamprosate, for almost ten years. However, researchers have noted that their under-use is because many doctors are either unaware of the drugs or they don't believe they work.

According to the head of the Substance Abuse Help Group, which runs several websites dedicated to providing recovery information to drug addicts and their families, “Alcoholism is a disease that affects thousands of lives each year. Many alcoholics suffer from high blood pressure and liver disease, so in many cases, if they are not affected by the alcohol itself, they face some serious health issues. Using medicine to combat this disease is a logical and reasonable solution.”

One of the websites run by the Substance Abuse Help Group is Substance-Abuse-Help.com. At this website, people can access the general important information on Substance abuse as well as live counselors who are available to answer specific questions. Some of the key features on their website include a page on knowing how to recognize signs of drug abuse, a page that directs people to specific outlets for help, and a page that explains how drug users can benefit from help. The most unique feature of http://substance-abuse-help.com/ is the information that it provides on how to find the right treatment center. “Since no two addiction cases are alike, it is crucial to find a treatment center the best fits you,” said the head of the group. “Anyone who believes he/she has a drug problem or if a loved one has a problem can consult our website and counselors to get the best help right away.”

In response to the article, which goes on to suggest that anti-alcoholism medications will bring addiction recovery into a doctor's office setting, the head of the Substance Abuse Help Group noted, “A medication to fight alcoholism will work on the brain, and it will help people change their immediate behavior, but many will need long-term counseling or behavior therapy to fully rebuild their lives. That is where treatment centers and our websites come in.”

Anybody can access the helpful information at Substance-Abuse-Help.com as well as a 24/hour helpline that is monitored by a well-trained and caring staff. It is never too late to get help for a substance abuse addiction. Whether a person has a problem with alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, depressants, stimulants, or designer drugs, the Substance Abuse Help Group exists to help. For more information please call 1-855-842-0102.

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