Major Step Towards Portable Artificial Kidney

May 23, 2014

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Debiotech, AWAK and Neokidney Development sign partnership to bring compact home
haemodialysis machine to first patients by 2017

Today three international innovators join forces to develop and deliver to patients
the world’s first portable artificial kidney. Debiotech of Switzerland, AWAK of Singapore
and Neokidney Development, an initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation, have signed a
joint venture agreement to complete a functional model in 2015. Clinical trials are
planned for 2017. The portable artificial kidney will enable the frequent and longer home
haemodialysis that significantly improves and extends patients’ lives.

With over 3 million people worldwide suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and
nowhere near enough organ donors, almost 2.5 million patients have no alternative but
haemodialysis (an intrusive and imperfect treatment that requires patients to visit a
dialysis center 3-4 times a week for 3-4 hour sessions that approximate just 10-15% of the
toxin removal by a healthy kidney). The impact of such an innovative product on patients’
health, autonomy, quality of life and life expectancy could be immense.

The joint venture will deliver a compact dialysis machine that patients can use
themselves, directly at home. Scientific research has already established that frequent
and longer dialysis (e.g. at night) limits the treatment’s side effects, including
dialysis hangover and cardiovascular stress, and increases both autonomy and life
expectancy. Moreover, home (night-time) haemodialysis is considerably cheaper than
in-center treatment. The portable artificial kidney developed by the partnership will
finally bring these benefits within the reach of patients and society.

Gerard Boekhoff, Neokidney board member and former Vice-President of the European
kidney patients federation CEAPIR: “This first truly portable haemodialysis machine
represents a major step from therapy compliant patients to patient compliant therapies.”

Together, the partners have all the technology, expertise and resources needed. The
new system will be based on Debiotech’s DialEaseTM, a highly miniaturized, easy-to-use and
cost effective machine for peritoneal home dialysis that is close to be on the market.
AWAK contributes its novel sorbent technology, which will enable the system to use much
less dialysate (about 4 litres compared to the 40-60 litres required by existing
alternatives) and eliminate the need for expensive purification systems. Neokidney
Development provides access to the Dutch Kidney Foundation’s medical expertise and network
of internationally acclaimed nephrologists and patient organizations, and will mobilize
funding from public and private sources, including health insurers and social impact

The partners have committed themselves to completing a functional model in 2015. The
product will be ready for clinical trials by 2017, with Debiotech being ultimately
responsible for securing the best commercial agreement in the interest of patients

About Debiotech

Debiotech has specialized, for over twenty years, in the research and development of
innovative medical devices, with a focus on implantable and external drug delivery systems
for the treatment of severe diseases such as diabetes, renal failure, cardiovascular
diseases and cancer. The company’s products are based on micromechanics and
nanotechnologies, as well as novel technologies. Debiotech has over 40 exclusive license
agreements with leading companies in medical devices and pharmaceuticals and holds over
500 patents worldwide.

Dr. Frederic Neftel, President and CEO of Debiotech: “This agreement ideally captures
the synergy between AWAK’s sorbent technology, our existing home dialysis product
DialEaseTM and Neokidney’s clinical expertise. Our aim is to significantly improve on the
Quality of Life of many patients suffering from kidney failure worldwide.”

Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, COO of Debiotech: “Knowing how difficult dialysis at home
can be, our team of scientists and engineers has worked intensively to make DialEaseTM the
most reliable and least intrusive home peritoneal dialysis system for patients. We look
forward to adapting it for home haemodialysis with the same passion, enthusiasm and
relentless focus on the patients we serve.”

Further information on Debiotech can be found at http://www.debiotech.com and
specific information on DialEaseTM at http://www.dialease.com

About Awak Technologies

AWAK Technologies was incorporated in 2007, with offices in Singapore and Burbank, CA,
and is dedicated to the research, development and marketing of sorbent-based kidney
dialysis machines for the treatment of patients with end-stage renal disease. The company
collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic to engineer and develop its first wearable
peritoneal dialysis product: the AWAK PD Regular Cartridge.

Dr. Gordon Ku, chairman of AWAK Technologies: “This tri-partite multi-national
research and development partnership is a paradigm change in home haemodialysis
technology. Its mission is to benefit patients, help professionals, and reduce public
healthcare costs.”

Mr Neo Kok-Beng, President and CEO of AWAK Technologies: “AWAK believes that patients
should have more choices that fit their lifestyle and improve their quality of life.
Developing this home-based portable haemodialysis machine is part of that mission”.

Lim Yong Soon, Operations Director of AWAK Technologies: “We are very excited about
our partnership with Debiotech. With their miniaturized system and our sorbent cartridge
(that can be customized in size, shape and capacity), we can regenerate fresh dialysate
without the need for a bulky water purification system – thus creating the first truly
portable haemodialysis machine.”

Further information on AWAK Technologies can be found at http://www.awak.com

About Neokidney and the Dutch Kidney Foundation

Neokidney Development was set up by the Dutch Kidney Foundation in 2012 to fund and
drive the development of a truly portable artificial kidney as part of its strategy to
create a breakthrough for ESRD patients. Neokidney mobilizes funding from the Dutch Kidney
Foundation, health insurers and social impact investors. Its ambition is to bring a first
portable artificial kidney to patients by 2017.

Tom Oostrom, Dutch Kidney Foundation director and Neokidney chairman: “The Dutch
Kidney Foundation has consistently pioneered new approaches to both advance our
understanding of kidney function and failure, and directly improve patients’ lives. This
is a huge step forwards, to self-management and better and longer lives. Plus,
importantly: the portable cycler we are developing in the joint venture establishes a
platform for future (and continuous) improvement in treatment quality, i.e. removal of
ever more and trickier toxins”.

Further information on Neokidney can be found on http://www.Neokidney.nl and


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