Royal Canin® Adds West Highland White Terrier and Beagle to Breed Health Nutrition(TM) Product Line

June 4, 2014

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Now Offers Solutions for 15 Adult Pure Breed Dogs

ST. CHARLES, Mo., June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Americans love their purebred dogs – in fact, more than 60% of dog owners in the USA report owning a purebred dog([1]). Royal Canin®, the global leader in nutrition designed specifically for the needs of pure breed dogs and pedigreed cats, has added two new formulas to its Breed Health Nutrition line: Beagle and West Highland White Terrier.


Nutrition for Specific Breeds

For over 45 years, Royal Canin has been observing the specificities of pure breed dogs while actively listening to feedback from respected breeders and breed enthusiasts from around the world. This allowed Royal Canin to research the specific needs of pure breed dogs and enabled it to pinpoint very specific needs for each breed that could be addressed through precisely designed nutrition.

Each breed-specific formula is designed for one individual breed’s needs, such as energy requirements, bone and joint health, muzzle structure and eating habits, digestive sensitivities and unique coat attributes. With the addition of the Beagle and West Highland White Terrier, Royal Canin now offers precise nutrition for 11 of America’s top 20 pure breed dogs([2]).

“Our line of Breed Health Nutrition formulas continues to grow as we identify additional breeds that could benefit from a customized breed-focused approach. Both the West Highland White Terrier and Beagle were ideal breeds for the line, specifically because of some of their unique characteristics,” said Dr. Brent Mayabb, veterinarian and Royal Canin Director of Corporate Affairs. “For example, we have the Beagle, who is a voracious eater, while the West Highland White Terrier tends to be a pickier eater. These new diets offer solutions for both situations, as well as addressing many additional breed traits and nutrition considerations.”

What Makes the West Highland White Terrier Unique?

    --  A sometimes finicky appetite: Westies can be fussy eaters
    --  Personality: Westies can have a feisty, strong willed personality
    --  Super strong tail: The vertebrae at the base of tail are almost equal in
        size to the rest of the spine
    --  "Bullet" shaped body: Allows the breed to squeeze into tight spaces
    --  Unique coat: The Westie's signature white coat is a combination of soft
        dense undercoat and a rough outer coat

Royal Canin® West Highland White Terrier:

    --  The Royal Canin® West Highland White Terrier formula is designed for
        adult Westies over 10 months. The formula features:
    --  A precise combination of aromas and flavors to satisfy the Westie's
        finicky appetite.
    --  Specific amino acids to support hair growth, plus fatty acids and flax
        seeds for skin health.
    --  EPA/DHA and an exclusive combination of nutrients to help support the
        skin's role as a barrier.
    --  The Westie has a blunt and gradually tapering muzzle, and it has teeth
        that are considered large for the size of the dog. The kibble's size,
        shape and texture are designed specifically for the Westie, to enable
        him to easily pick up kibble and encourage chewing.

What Makes the Beagle Unique?

    --  Sense of smell: The Beagle has approximately 200 million scent
        receptors, and his wet nose attracts and holds smell
    --  Amazing vocal chords: The Beagle actually has three different
        barks/sounds: A standard bark, a bay (typically used when hunting) and a
    --  Long ears: The Beagle's longer ears help to trap scents and keep them
        close to the nose
    --  Food motivated: The Beagle can be a voracious eater
    --  Bred for chasing/hunting

Royal Canin® Beagle:

The Royal Canin® Beagle formula is designed for adult Beagles over 12 months. The formula features:

    --  A precise level of calories and a blend of fibers to help promote
        satiety and help maintain a healthy weight.
    --  EPA/DHA, glucosamine and chondroitin to help support joint health.
    --  The Beagle has a straight and square cut, medium length muzzle with
        level jaws. Beagles tend to be voracious eaters, so the size, shape and
        texture of the Beagle kibble have been designed to help slow down the
        rate of ingestion and encourage the breed to chew.

In addition to Beagle and West Highland White Terrier, Royal Canin also offers Breed Health Nutrition formulas for Boxers (puppy and adult), English Bulldogs (puppy and adult), Chihuahuas (puppy and adult), Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund (puppy and adult), German Shepherd (puppy and adult), Golden Retriever (puppy and adult), Labrador Retriever (puppy and adult), Miniature Schnauzer (puppy and adult), Poodle (puppy and adult), Pug (puppy and adult), Shih Tzu (puppy and adult) and Yorkshire Terrier (puppy and adult).

Royal Canin dog and cat food formulas are available at pet specialty stores such as PetSmart and PETCO, as well as independent pet stores nationwide. To learn more about these new formulas and others, call the Royal Canin Technical Services Team at 1-800-592-6687 or visit royalcanin.us

About Royal Canin USA

Royal Canin USA is a leader in science-based cat and dog health nutrition. Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, Royal Canin has more than 40 years of experience in delivering individualized nutritional solutions. In collaboration with an expert team of nutritionists, breeders and veterinarians from around the world, Royal Canin places cats and dogs at the central point of the innovation process. The Royal Canin product line offers a range of diets based on size, age, breed, lifestyle and special needs. Royal Canin diets are available at veterinary hospitals and pet specialty stores nationwide. Royal Canin is a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. To learn more about Royal Canin visit www.royalcanin.us and “LIKE” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/royalcanin.us.

[1] American Pet Products Association Pet Owner Survey, 2013-2014

[2] American Kennel Club Dog Registration Statistics, 2013



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