Island Digestive Health Center Commencement of Operations

June 11, 2014

JAMISON, Pa., June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The five physicians, Babak Danesh, MD; James Kohlroser, DO; Kourosh Adhami, MD; Neil Lobo, MD; Krishnaiyer Subramani, MD and staff of the Island Digestive Health Center (IDHC) joined by Physicians Endoscopy are pleased to announce the opening of their new ASC in West Islip.

Island Digestive Health Center (IDHC) is a new center partnership licensed by the State of New York, and will undergo the accreditation process in the coming weeks by the Joint Commission. IDHC is a “Center of Excellence” in every aspect of the term.

IDHC received CON approval in 2013 saw their first patients on June 2, 2014, is a 6,750 square foot endoscopic ambulatory surgery center with three procedure rooms–providing just what the physicians and community needs.

“The regulatory environment within the office is becoming more and more difficult, and the headaches that result from trying to maintain a high quality, office-based procedural environment are no longer satisfying for me or my GI colleagues. We have been very pleased with Physicians Endoscopy’s ability to help organize, coordinate and execute a strategy to bring together our two practices in this joint ventured relationship,” stated Babak Danesh, MD, Medical Director.

“IDHC is PE’s 31(st) ASC and the PE Team is completely committed to helping the physicians realize their goal of growing their practice and providing the highest quality services and facility possible to their patients. Working with the physicians and learning about their commitment to their community has been very rewarding,” stated Frank Principati, COO, Physicians Endoscopy.

Physicians Endoscopy is a nationally recognized development and management partner for single-specialty EASCs. The company currently operates 31 partnered facilities in 13 states and has several additional facilities under construction that will open in the in the next six months. For more information, please visit www.endocenters.com or contact 215.589.1053.

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