Social Network Announces Groundbreaking Behavior Analysis Help For Autism Community

June 13, 2014

MIAMI, June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Autism-U (www.autism-u.com) announces its game-changing science-based social network where parents and teachers are invited to access the most comprehensive online assessment tool for early intervention for individuals with intellectual disabilities, including autism. Early assessment and intervention is critical, and parents can now see their child’s development and progress scientifically, with visual graphs enabling the next evolution of citizen science, where evidence based-practice is reported live in a patient-centric and social forum. The platform provides a singular setting where the family, caregiver, teacher, health-care provider and organization collaborate in a wholesome fashion.

Our assessment tools individualize menu options for implementation, and ensure each plan accurately represents the child’s unique needs. “Our Clinical Director is a pioneer in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis who continues to elevate standards of the profession while always putting the child first,” said Aleida Lanza, Co-Founder of Autism-U, referring to her partner and Co-Founder Deborah L. Safko, MBA, BCBA. “We wanted to give parents control, such that they can now quantify and qualify the parameters of their child’s learning goals to facilitate a productive IEP, and foster a collaborative relationship with the school.”

ABA is the foundation of Autism-U’s innovative platform which gives the means to track efficacy of any of the available treatment modalities, and invite feedback from caregivers and educators into a live individualized dashboard. Parents have live control as to who can collect data and access information.

Autism-U has built a bridge for families with individuals diagnosed with autism who are torn between expensive ABA therapy, finding a nearby behavior analyst, and the financial reality when services aren’t covered by insurance. The social network plans to give science a lesson in (data) democracy. Funding for autism research remains low in comparison to the affected population (1:68 for autism; 1:6 intellectual disability), and services are hard to reach, wait lists are years long, and care remains disjointed. The Founders of Autism-U decided to translate the science of ABA into dynamic code with their US Patent Pending technology.

“The platform is a ‘do it yourself’ behavior analysis autism treatment protocol that’s a harbinger to the field. It uses a computerized decision tree model to guide parents and teachers in selecting the assessment and treatment modalities for individuals with autism. If the autistic person’s problem behavior is complex, it directs the caregiver to contact a professional behavior analyst. It’s a great aide to finding the solution to the problems you’re having with autism.” Michael D. Wesolowski, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Regional Behavior Analyst, State of Florida Agency for Persons With Disabilities.

Every click is amplified because it benefits the individual while advancing scientific research. Lanza emphasized: “We want to connect every piece of the puzzle, and let the data speak for itself.”

About the Company

Autism-U is a South Florida start-up who have presented papers on their platform to the international and domestic scientific communities in behavior analysis.

Contact: info@autism-u.com


Source: PR Newswire

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