June 16, 2014

Cockroaches Scourge Minnesota Apartment Building, My Cleaning Products Asserts Roach Bull Could Help Anyone Kill Roaches Fast and Safe

Inspection confirmed the presence of cockroaches in one Minnesota apartment building, said a report. Meanwhile, to help the public kill roaches fast and safe, it recommended the use of the organic-based Roach Bully.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 16, 2014

Cockroaches were plaguing an apartment complex in Austin, Minnesota. A report from austindailyherald.com related the situation at the building on its post dated June 11, 2014. In connection with it, My Cleaning Products recommended the use of Roach Bully to help the residents and the rest of the public kill roaches fast and safe.

According to the report, the residents took their problem with the crawlies to the Environmental Services Director Angie Knish and Community Health Director Lisa Kocer in April. In response, the two officials visited the building, it relayed. However, it said that effort to resolve the issue with the landlord failed.

That failure, shared the report, prompted the Mower County to intervene and authorize Knish and Kocer to inspect the building. And of all the 20 units of the complex, it detailed that four were found to have the crawlies. It relayed that four other residents also stated they found live roaches in the place.

The post added that the landlord insisted he has been addressing the issue. Nonetheless, it related that he was only given 10 days to inspect all units and resolve any cockroach problem in them.

Here is a part of the post Roaches Plaguing Minnesota Apartment Complex by My Cleaning Products.

“Roaches were bugging the residents of one apartment building in Austin, Minnesota. And having enough of the crawlies, they reported the problem to the authorities.

In response, Environmental Services Director Angie Knish and Community Health Director Lisa Kocer went to the place at 24248 534th Avenue. However, resolving the issue with the landlord failed. And so, the board of Mower County stepped in authorizing both Knish and Kocer to inspect the building.”

Cockroaches spread bacteria that cause various types of diseases. Given that, My Cleaning Products said that it is important to get rid of roaches.

Additionally, MCP pointed out that the elimination of those pests must be prompt. The reason it cited is that cockroaches multiply fast. Hence, eliminating them early will prevent bigger problems in health and finances, it cited.

To do that, it asserted that Roach Bully is needed. It explained that being a roach spray killer, it makes the elimination process much easier and faster to complete as it only requires to be sprayed directly to the pests and their hiding places.

On top of that, My Cleaning Products pointed out that Roach Bully is both effective and safe. It elaborated that it could kill roaches and their young and eggs in seconds. It added that it is also organic-based and is even on EPA's FIFRA 25(b). And so, it assured that it is safe for health.

To see how well it works, MCP invites everyone to try the Roach Bully Complimentary Sample available at mycleaningproducts.com.

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