Dr. Henry Garazo Discusses the Detailed and Thorough Planning Process of Breast Implant Sizing

June 17, 2014

A specific cup size is often requested by women, but is not always realistic or possible, explains Maryland-based plastic surgeon

HAGERSTOWN, Md., June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Considering breast augmentation? Many women think they can pick a cup size and go for it, but there’s much more to sizing, explains Henry Garazo, MD, FACS. Determining the best fit for your body is an important process a patient and surgeon must go through together.

“Talking about the desired cup size can be useful in sharing general goals for breast augmentation, but it’s not a realistic way to choose breast implants.” says Dr. Garazo. This is because the appropriate size and shape of an implant for a given patient is dependent on the patient’s body characteristics such as chest circumference, space between the breasts, size of the breasts preoperatively, and more.

“Breast augmentation must be a personalized procedure to succeed,” says Dr. Garazo. “Don’t think your friend’s implant size will work for you. A given implant size can create quite different results in two women.”

Choosing implants based on the unique physical attributes of a patient can in fact make the process that much easier. For Dr. Garazo, this begins at the initial consultation. “I meet personally with each patient to discuss her individual goals, take careful measurements, and explain the procedure in detail. By assessing the natural breast width as well as the tightness of a patient’s tissues as a guide, along with other factors, I can give her a good idea of what to expect from surgery,” says Dr. Garazo.

Implants that are not suited to the patient increase the risk of complications after surgery, including excessive fullness on top of the breast, diminished nipple sensation, or premature drooping or sagging. Trying to place an implant that is wider than the internal breast base diameter can lead to problems, including the need to have a future revision surgery.

For these reasons, Dr. Garazo suggests these options to prepare for sizing:

    --  Familiarize yourself with your body type. When viewing online photos of
        breast augmentation, look for patients who match your body type in the
        before image.
    --  Have a clear idea of the size range you want based on your lifestyle.
    --  Be open to an experienced plastic surgeon's advice regarding breast
        implants that will fit your body.
    --  Have realistic expectations.

“Personalized sizing sessions always begin by taking measurements of your breast base width and chest wall,” explains Garazo. “These measurements along with examination of soft tissue set the reasonable limits for implant width.”

Research is important for someone considering surgery and becoming well informed helps make consultation visits as productive as possible. Dr. Garazo believes that clear communication between patient and surgeon is the key to establishing goals for breast augmentation, and meeting them.

About Dr. Henry F. Garazo: Plastic surgeon. Henry Garazo is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been selected as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America for five consecutive years. He practices in his hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland, at The Galleria, 1140 Conrad Court, Hagerstown, Md., 21740-5905. Reach him at (301) 791-1800 or http://www.plasticsurgeryservices.net.

Media Contact: Dr. Henry F. Garazo, (301) 791-1800 or http://www.plasticsurgeryservices.net

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