Cancer Cytokines Therapy Pipeline Analysis

June 20, 2014

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Cytokines, a major group in the protein therapeutics umbrella, are known to be soluble
extracellular proteins or glycoproteins which are crucial intercellular regulators, having
the capacity to mobilize the cells which are engaged in innate as well as adaptive
inflammatory host defenses, cell growth, differentiation, cell death, angiogenesis, and
development and repair processes aimed at the restoration of homeostasis. These proteins
are being used mostly for cancer patients due to their capability to stop tumor growth.
Cytokines are considered to be a large, diverse group of extracellular proteins which are
produced by the immune system cells. These cytokines have the capacity to be bound by the
cytokine receptors on the targeted cells. This process initiates a signaling cascade
within those cells. http://bit.ly/1lv8Rqi.

The growth in the cytokines market is mainly driven by its increased application for
cancer treating methods, along with an increased spending on research and development,
advances in technology, patent expiries, and rising competition. Cytokines are related to
almost all the therapeutic protein drug development processes. The cytokine and growth
factor related products include antibodies, proteins and nucleic acid probes which are
being extensively used in a wide variety of applications from the basic research
laboratory through the drug discovery process, to in vivo therapeutic use. The companies
producing these proteins are focusing their strategy on offering high quality products at
more than competitive prices.

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It is expected that in the next 4-5 years, the Pharma companies would focus more on
the development of successful cancer therapies based on cytokines. The allocation of
resources should necessarily reflect ongoing, strategic prioritization of candidates in
the pipeline. With the progress of trials and accumulation of information on the safety
and efficacy of new cytokines products, there is an urgent demand for strategizing the
product pipelines and the prioritization of the decisions. This segment has proved to be
the most important investment to control the sprawling rise in cancer incidence rates.
Also, from a commercial viewpoint, these cytokine products are likely to churn significant
revenues and for the patient population, and eventually are expected to improve the
survival rates and improve quality of life.

“Cancer Cytokines Therapy Pipeline Analysis” Report Highlights:

– Cancer Cytokines Therapy Market Overview

– Marketed Drug Profiles & Patent Analysis

– Clinical Trial Insight by Phase & Country

– Drug in Clinical Development Phase: 64

– Majority Therapies in Preclinical Phase: 25

– Marketed Cytokines Therapies: 15

– Suspended & Discontinued Drug Profiles: 67

– Competitive Landscape

Table of Content:

        - Cancer Cytokines Therapy Market Overview
        - Cancer Cytokines Therapy Clinical Trial Insight by Phase, Country & Target
        - Marketed Cancer Cytokines Clinical Profiles & Patent Analysis
        - Suspended & Discontinued Cancer Cytokines Therapy in Clinical Trial
        - Competitive Landscape

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