North American Seminars Online PT Continuing Education Course, Examination and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle is pre-approved for 14 hrs for PT and PTA’s licensed in IL.

June 23, 2014

Examination and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle is an extensive video based continuing education course focused on foot and ankle examination and treatment. This online continuing education course is presented with studio quality sound and film.

Franklin, TN (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

This DVD and Online PT Continuing Education Course is designed to provide a comprehensive program for examination and treatment of foot and ankle related rehab issues. Specifically, this PT online continuing course discusses:

  • How to properly perform and interpret the findings of the biomechanical screen to assess if a foot evaluation is necessary.
  • Utilizing goniometric skills to measure tibial angle, axis of inclination of the subtalar articulation, inversion, eversion, dorsiflexion in STJN and gross dorsiflexion.
  • Performing open chain muscle testing and accessory motion of the foot and ankle. -Identifying the weak musculature of the foot and ankle while performing a manual muscle testing.
  • Properly assessment of accessory motion of the longitudinal midtarsal joint, oblique metatarsal joint axis and the midtarsal joint.
  • How to differentiate plantar fasciitis, fasciosis, fat pad atrophy, entrapment of the first branch of the lateral nerve and other causes of heel pain by utilizing hands on skills and testing.
  • Performing a lower extremity biomechanical assessment pre and post corrective orthotics.
  • Understanding how to make orthotic casts via a partial weight bearing foam crush box and a negative suspension slipper casting technique.
  • Developing a comprehensive program for a biomechanical examination and functional treatment approach for the foot and ankle for a variety of diagnoses.

This course is pre-approved In Illinois for 14 hours of Continuing Education credit in Illinois. For more information visit http://www.healthclick.com where you can view video samples. This online foot and ankle continuing education course is also pre-approved in CA and NV.

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