SlimPlate System Announces Their Top Kitchen Tools Conducive to Weight Loss

June 30, 2014

SlimPlate System, the proven portion control system that facilitates healthy weight loss, has released a list of top kitchen tools that are conducive to losing weight, managing how much food is consumed and adept at helping dieters maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rock Hill, South Carolina (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

With one-third of the world’s population now classed as overweight, SlimPlate System is advocating drastic action by those carrying extra weight. Learning about portion control and food intake can help with significant and maintained weight loss over time, and the experts behind SlimPlate System have now announced the best tools and resources to help carry out this education.

Dr Nwe, the inventor of the SlimPlate System says, “Portion control is one of the best and most effective ways to lose weight, but it’s hard to estimate food portions without knowing their exact measurements. We’ve put together a list of our most important and useful kitchen tools to help people measure and monitor how much they’re eating, controlling their portions carefully and losing weight in the process.”

The most important kitchen tool of all is the SlimPlate System – a dinnerware collection that helps users to monitor their food intake in a four-stage plan. Using marked plates, cups and bowls, those hoping to lose weight can see exactly how much of each food group they’re supposed to eat in order to stick to the plan. The system contains regular plates, bowls, cups and other methods to measure things like sandwiches or cakes – no food is off-limits, but control should be exercised over the size of the portions served.

After the SlimPlate System, those hoping to see results from portion control are encouraged to invest in appropriate measuring equipment, not just for when they serve their food, but for when they cook it. This will help them to create more balanced meals and will also serve as a tangible indicator of what a portion looks like – once users can visualise what an appropriate serving of cereal or pasta looks like, they can use this visualisation when they dine out without the help of their SlimPlate dinnerware. From tiny teaspoons to two-cup measures, it’s important to have comprehensive measuring tools in any kitchen.

A food scale is also a valuable tool in the fight against obesity. Not only do food scales help people to stick to healthy recipes without overindulging, they also allow for better control over how much food is being eaten.

The combination of these kitchen resources with the SlimPlate System make weight loss simple and effective. The SlimPlate System on its own has been proven to be effective in kick-starting weight loss, and with the added measuring and weighing resources recommended by the experts behind SlimPlate System, weight loss is simpler than ever.

To find out more about SlimPlate System, visit the website: http://www.slimplatesystem.com/

About SlimPlate System:

SlimPlate System is a four-stage weight loss program that shuns deprivation for portion control. The system, which has been designed by physicians and proven by research, is easy to implement and maintain, with no calorie counting, costly supplements or juice fads.

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