Brainpaths Releases Masterful Voyage Fingertip-Tracing-Device

July 1, 2014

Bainpath is a fingertip-tracing-device, stimulating the brain, as the user repeatedly traces textures on the surfaces of the device: textures indent into 3000 mechanoreceptors in each fingertip, to stimulate the cortex of the brain. Brainpaths is much like Braille for the blind.

LAS VEGAS, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Brainpaths is a Breakthrough! A medical device to stimulate the brain, purchased on Amazon.com, inexpensively, without a prescription. Brainpaths is registered with the FDA as a medical device.


We are all familiar with the power of Braille, a method for the blind to read a book or obtain a college degree by tracing dots with one or more fingertips, but the drawback has always been, if Braille is only for the blind, how can sighted individuals use the same technology? Now we have the answer: Brainpaths injected plastic devices, with protruding and recessed textures, is just like Braille, indenting into the users fingertips to provide a ‘superhighway’ to the brain to stimulate the cortex of the brain.

Never before have textures and mazes been available in a device that indent into each fingertip to access 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin of each fingertip. Brainpaths patent pending device, based on this technology, brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain just like Braille.

Brainpaths devices are designed for the user to repeatedly trace paths using one or more fingertips, stimulating the users brain by accessing many of the 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin of each fingertip. Neuroscientists refer to fingertips as a superhighway to the brain (Brain Plasticity, Thomas Elbert, January 1998, Radio National, the Health Report). Tracing Brainpaths, also provides a fine motor skills exercise to improve motor control and dexterity, involving small muscles in fingers and hands needed for writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing.

Patricia Derrick, founder of SpringStone Montessori Schools, educator, and award-winning author, has patents and trademarks pending for Brainpaths.

Brainpaths roots are founded in the 1997 discovery of Brain Plasticity; the ability of the brain to improve and repair. Findings in Plasticity of the brain, set the stage for Brainpaths. Before Brain Plasticity, the brain was thought to be rigid: unable to repair. Brainpaths uses Brain Plasticity research findings in it’s development and patent.

Now, Brainpaths brings tactile and sensory fingertip stimulation to everyone, providing a method and apparatus to invigorate the brain like never before.

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Patricia Derrick, brainpaths@gmail.com, 702-804-1112

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