Blackout Cigs Unveils Blackout X, the Industry’s First Refillable, Disposable Vaporizer

July 10, 2014

After 6 Weeks on the Market, Revolutionary Vape Pen Experiences Smoking Sales

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — It has been just six weeks since Blackout X hit the market. During that time, the industry’s first and only refillable, disposable vaporizer has experienced skyrocketing sales of nearly 10,000 units to 22 countries.

“Never before have users been able to refill a disposable vape pen. With Blackout X, customers can refill the device using e-liquids, oils or soft wax. The devices are also easy to operate; No buttons, just load and puff,” said Mollie Meyer, Blackout X’s PR Manager.

Blackout X Refillable Vape Pens are low cost and compact in size, yet operate with a large enough battery to support up to 300 puffs. The heating coil consistently provides stable resistance to ensure an even vapor amount for each puff. In addition, cotton-less cartridge structures, cotton mouthpieces, cartridge double-deck liquid-retaining cartridges and silicone rings ensure that Blackout X pens do not leak.

Blackout X devices also work with cannabis oils and waxes. As a result, Blackout X is sure to become a tremendously popular product in states where cannabis is legal such as Colorado and Washington. Single product packages cost just $15.

To spread the news about Blackout X’s availability, the company has become the official sponsor for Getting Doug With High, a weekly Internet show hosted by standup comedian and actor Doug Benson. During each episode, Doug interviews guests and offers each a Blackout X to try. Celebs Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass and “Community” creator Doug Harmon have puffed Blackout X alongside Benson.

Blackout X is part of the Blackout e-cigarette family. Blackout, which is owned by Jacksam Corp., was created to provide smokers with a cooler and cheaper alternative to traditional tobacco.

Blackout X Vape Pens are available in one, two, three and 12-pack packages. For information on Blackout X or to purchase Blackout X products, visit: Blackoutx.com.

Jacksam Corp. was established in 2013 with a commitment to build an upscale brand that is stylish, stealth, versatile and requires no charging. The devices line, Blackout X, is the only refillable, disposable vape pen on the market. With Blackout X, customers can refill the device with e-liquids, oils, soft wax, and cannabis oils. As a result, Blackout X delivers the best and most convenient vaping experience there is. For more information, visit Blackoutx.com.

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