Los Angeles Endodontist, Dr. Payman Kakoli, Offers Comprehensive Endodontic Treatments

July 16, 2014

LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Endodontist, Dr. Payman Kakoli, today announces that he offers comprehensive endodontic treatments for area patients suffering from infected teeth. When teeth become infected, patients are commonly affected by pain, swelling and abscess. Long-term complications of untreated tooth infections can result in gum disease, systemic infections and jaw bone loss. Without timely treatment, patients may also lose these teeth and suffer from teeth shifting, tooth decay, gum disease and loss of other teeth. A number of endodontic treatment options are available to address the different needs associated with infected teeth.

About Dr. Peyman Kakoli,

Los Angeles endodontist Dr. Payman Kakoli earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Maryland before earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the school of dentistry at the same university. As an active member of multiple professional organizations, Dr. Kakoli is a respected endodontic researcher in addition to being a caring provider of root canal treatments to Los Angeles patients. His office includes an emergency dentist, a periodontist and an orthodontist, creating a comprehensive oral health care resource for area patients. Visit http://www.endodonticslosangeles.com to learn more.

Root canal treatment, the standard option for eliminating tooth infections, involves removal of the infected tissue and protection of the tooth. First, Dr. Kakoli takes X-rays to determine the location of the infection. Using these images for reference, Dr. Kakoli drills into the tooth to reach the infected pulp, which he removes through the hole. Next, Dr. Kakoli fills the space with medicated packing material and places a series of barriers to block sources of infection from entering the tooth in the future. Finally, a crown may be placed to support the tooth and optimize its appearance.

In certain cases, Dr. Kakoli may recommend root canal surgery for infected teeth. Surgery is often used when standard root canal treatment is unlikely to be successful, such as after previous root canal treatment has failed or infections have re-occurred. Apicoectomy, the most common root canal surgery used, involves reaching the infection through the gums from beneath the tooth. Intentional replantation, another type of root canal surgery, involves removing the infected tooth to treat it before placing it back in its socket.

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