Max Cure Foundation Expands Dunk Your Kicks Campaign

July 22, 2014

Goal to Collect 50,000 Pairs of Sneakers to Help Fight Pediatric Cancer

NEW YORK, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Max Cure Foundation (MCF), a nonprofit children’s cancer charity whose mission is to raise money to fund the development of less toxic treatments for children and also to provide financial support to low-income and military families who have a child battling cancer, announced today they have expanded their signature Dunk Your Kicks campaign with collections from NY to California. With an ambitious goal, MCF needs your help:

End of 2014 Goal: Collect 50,000 pairs of sneakers.

Dunk Your Kicks, one of MCF‘s main fundraising initiatives, is a national campaign to collect new and gently used sneakers for a recycler who sells those sneakers to exporters/distributors as part of the Affordable Clothing Market. MCF receives $1 per pair for facilitating the collection.

MCF plans to have over 300 Dunk Your Kicks collections and events in 2014, including collections run by MCF Ambassadors in schools, offices, community centers, summer camps, public sites as well as corporate races, fitness events and retail stores.

“Dunk Your Kicks has been an incredible grass roots initiative that has brought communities together with the common goal of raising money to fund a cure for pediatric cancer,” said David Plotkin, Chairman, Max Cure Foundation. “Our national challenge and goal will allow us to expand our mission to include corporate sponsors and larger community events.”

Since its inception in 2011, Dunk Your Kicks has collected over 165,000 pairs of sneakers and raised over $150,000.00. The money has been used to support MCF missions including research and the Roar Beyond Barriers Program that provides financial support to low income and military families who have a child battling cancer by providing monthly gift cards to be used to purchase food and other necessities.

“We are challenging people, companies, shoe manufacturers to take steps to fund a cure, one dunk at a time,” said David Plotkin.

In addition to serving as a fundraising vehicle for MCF, Dunk Your Kicks helps the environment by keeping the sneakers out of landfills (200 million pairs of sneakers end up in landfills annually) while, at the same time, through the Affordable Clothing Market provides sneakers for people in developing nations and creates tens of thousands of jobs globally.


The Max Cure Foundation formed in 2008 by the Plotkin family to advance the cause of childhood cancers. Max Plotkin, a cancer survivor, now age 11, was its inspiration, having been diagnosed in 2007 on the eve of his fourth birthday with a rare form of cancer.

The mission of MCF is threefold.

    1. First it seeks to fund research to attempt to find cures for the various
       forms of childhood cancers and to discover less toxic treatments for the
       disease in children.
    2. Established the Roar Beyond Barriers, a program to financially assist low
       income and military families with a child battling cancer.
    3. The third mission is advocacy to increase government funding for
       childhood cancer research.

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One of MCF‘s main fundraising initiatives is Dunk Your Kicks, a national campaign which facilitates the collection of used sneakers by a recycler who sells those sneakers to exporters/distributors which, in turn, sell the sneakers in emerging market countries as part of the Affordable Clothing Market. Learn More.

SOURCE The Max Cure Foundation

Source: PR Newswire

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