Bitcoin Collect, Inc. announces the acquisition of Good Vibrations Shoes and its entrance into a multi-billion dollar industry with a proprietary and groundbreaking product

July 25, 2014

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Bitcoin Collect, Inc. (OTCPink:BTCC), today announced that it has discontinued its plans to develop virtual currency software, and has acquired a company with an exciting proprietary product in the medical devices industry. The move comes with the resignation of the company’s former CEO, Charles Neinstedt, and the appointment of Dr. Richard Koenig, in order to effectively take the company in the new direction.

Former CEO, Charles Nienstedt explained, “With so much scrutiny from the federal government, banks, public markets and sanctioned governing agencies, we would have been doing the shareholders a disservice by continuing that business model as a public entity. It became very clear that it would have taken much longer and cost much more money than originally anticipated. When the opportunity presented itself to have the company acquire Good Vibrations, and appoint someone with the credentials of Dr. Koenig to the position of CEO, I knew that this was the best thing for the company.” Mr. Nienstedt went on to say, “As an executive, I am saddened to step down, but as a shareholder of Bitcoin Collect, I am extremely excited about the future of the company.”

Good Vibration Shoes is no ordinary shoe company, it is a medical device company whose product happens to be a specialized patent pending therapeutic shoe that tremendously increases the quality of life of people with many conditions and ailments. The products inventor, and the newly appointed CEO of Bitcoin Collect, Dr. Richard Koenig is no stranger to innovation and market penetration. He developed a toe joint replacement that is used in 11 countries. He developed the foot endo-prosthesis in cooperation of Dow Corning Wright Medical and when patients receiving the prosthetic device complained about the shoes they were given, he researched and developed a therapeutic vibrating shoe, and Good Vibrations was born. That product has been refined over a nine-year period and is now ready to become the standard in medical therapeutic shoes for Diabetes, and several other conditions.

Among things to be tackled in the near future are certainly a name change and integration of the Good Vibrations brand into the company. Management vows to maintain the transparency with shareholders, and avoidance of unnecessary dilution that the company has been known for, while aggressively growing the company and refining the product line. Dr. Koenig commented, ” We wish to thank BitCoin Collect Inc. for this opportunity. Good Vibration Shoes are first to world-wide market with our refined therapeutic vibrating shoes. It is a pleasure to know that we can make a difference in people’s lives, bringing comfort for tired and achy feet.”

With the new business model, and CEO in place, Bitcoin Collect and its management believes the company has the right ingredients to be one of the biggest smallcap or microcap successes of the year.

About Bitcoin Collect

Bitcoin Collect, Inc. formerly in the virtual currency software business, now owns and operates Good Vibrations Shoes, a wholly owned subsidiary that manufactures a patent pending therapeutic shoe that brings relief and comfort to people suffering from Diabetes and several other conditions. With patents pending internationally, and more than nine years of research and development under its belt, the company plans to focus on market penetration, brand awareness, and becoming the primary therapeutic shoe manufacturer in the world. For more information visit the company’s website at www.goodvibrationshoes.com

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Full name: Richard Koenig
Email address: vibratingshoes@aol.com
Telephone number: 321-735-4653

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