Recovery 360 Supports Individuals “Where They Are” With Broad Range of Community-Based Health, Wellness and Recovery Services

July 28, 2014

DENVER, July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Overcoming substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders and mental health issues takes perseverance and teamwork. At Recovery 360 (http://www.recovery-360.com), a team of registered/licensed therapists and counselors has developed an individualized, community-based approach that helps clients regain control of their lives, giving them the tools and knowledge to make better decisions and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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Recovery 360 works primarily with those who have recently graduated from residential inpatient care. The therapeutic community recognizes that inpatient treatment is only the beginning of a process that continues with supportive, integrated outpatient treatment. The return of familiar places and faces can even be a trigger for relapse. Historically, the problem has been the lack of effective “bridge” services that can provide support and coaching as individuals reintegrate in their communities.

By embracing a team approach to individual recovery, Recovery 360 helps clients attain their immediate and long-term goals while maintaining personal autonomy and accountability. An initial, free consultation allows Recovery Consultants and prospective clients to see if they’re a suitable match. If another treatment modality or service provider offers a better fit, Recovery 360 will gladly make a referral.

There is no “typical” treatment regimen at Recovery 360. Instead, consultants and clients work together to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to maximize the chances of a fulfilling and successful recovery. This plan might include regularly scheduled meetings at home or in comfortable public settings. Recovery 360 also communicates with clients’ families and other mental and medical health professionals to ensure that all concerned parties are working toward the same goal.

Recovery 360′s wraparound services include all of the following areas: substance abuse and addiction recovery; eating disorders; health and wellness skills; life skills; social development; recreation development; educational planning; career enhancement; family therapy; and mental health and psychiatric recovery.

In addition to providing in-home and community-based support, the company has recently added the option of office visits for those who occasionally need a quieter, more structured environment. Currently, Recovery 360 serves individuals and families in communities throughout Denver, the Front Range, and I-70 Corridor areas of Colorado.

About Recovery 360

Recovery 360 provides one on one, in-home and community-based, wraparound support to create high quality, successful lives for persons in recovery.

Recovery 360 believes that each person has unique strengths, skills, and abilities. Sometimes, we get “stuck”, which indicates that we have yet to find the proper amount of support to flourish. Every person deserves to live a fulfilling, successful life. Recovery 360′s compassionate, highly trained psychosocial Recovery Consultants excel at helping people in recovery achieve success and personal freedom through coaching, therapeutic support, guidance, and education.


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