Diabacor(TM) Reveals Hidden Sugars to Avoid in Common Foods

July 29, 2014

Diabacor(TM) warns diabetics of the hidden sugars that they may not know they are consuming.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — It is vital for diabetics to watch their sugar intake by avoiding foods that have high levels of sugars. This is usually pretty straightforward, however there are some foods diabetics and other people are consuming, thinking that they are relatively sugar-free, without realizing that they are actually full of sneaky sugars. Diabacor(TM) would like to help diabetics spot these in the foods that they are eating so that they can live healthier lives, and is providing a list of foods that are hiding their sugars.

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1. Barbeque and other sauces: Sauces are a great way to spice up a meat dish, especially when it’s time to throw meat on the grill. However, meat sauces and marinades can be absolutely full of sugar, despite being low in fats and calories. Two tablespoons of barbeque sauce typically contains 12 grams of sugar.

2. Fruit yogurt: Yogurt can be a great source of good bacteria (probiotics) and protein, but picking up flavored yogurt at the grocery store brings about a whole new problem. Along with the flavoring that is added to make fruity yogurt, a ton of extra sugar settles in as well, putting a serving of yogurt at about 19 grams of sugar. Get some low fat yogurt and then add fresh fruit for a much better alternative.

3. Dried fruit: Fruit has its own natural sugars, and Diabacor(TM) knows that most people would not think that drying the fruit would make a difference. However, many companies that make dried fruit add sugar during the drying process. While a cup of fresh cranberries only has four grams of natural sugar, just a fourth of a cup of the dried stuff has nearly 30 grams. Opting for fresh fruit is a much healthier choice.

Diabacor(TM) reminds everyone who is watching their sugar intake to be careful about what they are consuming. They should always check for the amount of sugar per serving, even if the item seems like a perfectly healthy choice, because a person can never know what has been snuck in. There are plenty of alternatives with less sugar, so it should not be hard to pick the right choice. For more information on healthy living and managing blood sugar, visit http://www.diabacor.com/.

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