Thrust Health Announces New Exercise Program That Targets Sexual Dysfunction

August 7, 2014

- Early-starters find Thrust(TM) benefits extend beyond sex

MIAMI, Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Thrust Health, LLC, a health and wellness consumer products company and creators of Thrust(TM) – the first-ever lifestyle coaching program designed for couples to improve stamina, libido, and overall sex health – announced today that the Company’s workout series is showing that users are finding improved health benefits faster and more effectively than originally projected.

The Company received positive feedback from people such as Estee Benitah, a member of the initial test group who went on to become a Thrust Instructor. Benitah attributes the healthy birth of her third child and desire for a fourth — to the Thrust exercises. The Company states that even though the program was designed to combat sexual dysfunction, early-starters are reporting benefits that extend well beyond sex.

“I’m ready for another!” exclaimed Estee Benitah, a mother of 3. Benitah was a participant in Thrust Health’s initial test group that went on to become an instructor for the program. “The program not only helped me get through my pregnancy, I know it was the Thrust exercises that got me pregnant in the first place.”

“Sex is an exercise,” stated Michael Faddis, Founder and Executive Director of Thrust Health. “To combat sexual dysfunction, we started-out by looking at reproduction as a core biological process. From there, our Company built Thrust from the ground-up to improve sexual function in both men and women. What’s interesting — our users are finding non-sexual benefits faster and more effectively than ever before.”

Initially, Thrust Health targeted sexual dysfunction and created Thrust with the following goals:

    --  Boost Stamina
    --  Improve Libido
    --  Decrease Fat & Cortisol
    --  Improve Hormone Balance
    --  Improve (Postpartum) Mood

“I’ve never had a problem with sexual dysfunction. Quite the opposite actually…” commented Doug Marshall who received an early-start via the Company’s pre-sale campaign. Mr. Marshall began the program only 14-days ago and shared his experience, “I’ve exercised at home for over 10 years, and this body-weight workout is perfect. Already, I lost 4 lbs like it was nothing.”

About Thrust(TM) Exercises + The 3 PART(TM) System

Progressive Adaptive Resistance Training(TM) (PART) is a ground-breaking new system founded upon generally accepted exercise principles like periodization and load-bearing resistance training. Thrust is the first program to offer The 3 PART(TM) System which is designed for sustainable, portable, and scalable results with in-home training. The following breakdown showcases PART goals and gear:

    --  PART One - bodyweight exercises increase neurological activity and blood
        flow with targeted vasodilation.
    --  PART Two - boosts libido and stamina by decreasing cortisol levels with
        weight loss and increases resistance with exercise balls, bands, and
        proprietary Thrust Wrist Bracers-- designed for effective Olympic lifts
        and overhead resistance-band training.
    --  PART Three - improves hormone regulation and introduces the effective
        and versatile Proton Sandbag(TM). Designed specifically for Thrust(TM)
        -- the Proton Sandbag(TM) is at the climax of The 3 PART(TM) System.

Thrust(TM) workout previews are available for instant viewing at Thrust180.com/GO

About Thrust Health, LLC

In a society fully exposed to the benefits of high-powered pharmaceutical solutions to sexual dysfunction, Thrust Health has developed the first-ever preventative care program and comprehensive wellness package with couples training to improve stamina, libido, and overall better sex health– for use in the privacy of their home.

To make all of this possible, Thrust Health gathered the best minds of exercise science, nutrition, and sexual health and created Progressive Adaptive Resistance Training(TM) (PART) – the most scientifically advanced exercise and lifestyle system, ever.

To find out more about Thrust Lifestyle Programs, please visit ThrustHealth.com

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