IMRIS intraoperative imaging moving system and coils patents granted in Japan

August 13, 2014

Unique iMRI technology brings diagnostic quality imaging to
neurosurgical patients

WINNIPEG, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – IMRIS Inc. (NASDAQ: IMRS; TSX: IM)
(“IMRIS” or the “Company”) today announced the granting of three
patents by the Japanese patent office related to key technology
currently integrated into its intraoperative MRI (iMRI) solution within
the VISIUS Surgical Theatre. The patents cover control of effective MR
imaging using a movable system; imaging coils where clarity is
maintained when used while in position during x-ray use; and other
components related to using both MR and x-ray imaging in the same

“These patents validate and protect our unique technologies in the
territories where we do business,” said Meir Dahan, IMRIS Chief
Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and
Development. “Our intraoperative imaging solutions overcome great
challenges in moving a diagnostic quality magnet into multiple
locations and then lining it up to produce high quality images while
competitor systems are fixed to the floor in a single position.”

The covered technology is utilized in VISIUS Surgical Theatres which are
hybrid operating room suites with iMRI where a diagnostic quality
scanner moves to the patient using ceiling-mounted rails. VISIUS iMRI
hybrid ORs may also include x-ray angiography systems where both types
of imaging are desired. The fully integrated suites provide
neurosurgeons on-demand access to high resolution images – before,
during and after procedures without moving the patient from the OR
table for truly intraoperative imaging and improved treatment outcomes.

During brain tumor procedures, serial scanning gives the surgeon the
ability to assess results and perform further resection to remove as
much tumor as possible. Clinical studies indicate a link between more
complete removal of some types of tumors and longer life expectancy and
quality of life. IMRIS also develops and manufactures proprietary
intraoperative CT systems, head fixation devices, imaging coils, and OR
tables for use in this unique and multifunctional intraoperative

“As the leader in image guided therapy solutions, these patents provide
us significant coverage and recognition for our intellectual property
in these markets for years to come,” said Jay D. Miller, IMRIS
President and CEO. “By finding ways to improve the vision and precision
the surgeon has available, we are working towards mitigating risks and
improving the outcomes for neurosurgical patients and lowering the
total cost for the health care system.”

IMRIS currently has one hospital customer with VISIUS iMRI in Japan at
the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, with a second pending
installation at Yaminashi University Hospital, Chuo.

The Company also recently received several updated patents from
administrations in Canada, the United States and European Union.


IMRIS (NASDAQ: IMRS; TSX: IM) is a global leader in providing image
guided therapy solutions through its VISIUS Surgical Theatre – a
revolutionary, multifunctional surgical environment that provides
unmatched intraoperative vision to clinicians to assist in decision
making and enhance precision in treatment. The multi-room suites
incorporate diagnostic quality high-field MR, CT and angio modalities
accessed effortlessly in the operating room setting. VISIUS Surgical
Theatres serve the neurosurgical, spinal, cardiovascular and
cerebrovascular markets and have been selected by 61 leading medical
institutions around the world.


Source: PR Newswire

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