ESMO Honours Outstanding Oncology Professionals

August 22, 2014

LUGANO, Switzerland, August 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the leading pan-European
organisation representing medical oncologists, announced the names of outstanding
individuals receiving the Society’s esteemed annual awards, to be presented during the
ESMO 2014 Congress, on 26 September, in Madrid.

Carsten Bokemeyer will receive the ESMO Award
[http://www.esmo.org/var/esmo/storage/images/media/images/people/a-d/bokemeyer-carsten/835402-1-eng-GB/bokemeyer-carsten_medium.jpg ]
for his commitment to accelerate the transition
of cancer discovery into real benefit for patients

A world leader in the pathogenesis and biology of malignant germ cell tumours,
Bokemeyer is Director of the University Cancer Center Hamburg, one of Germany’s oncology
centres of excellence. Bokemeyer’s discoveries include identifying the early stages of
malignant germ cell transformation and the mechanisms of resistance of these tumours to
chemotherapy. He has also developed new therapeutic concepts with cytostatic drugs and
immunotherapy in solid tumours.

Peter Boyle wins the ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award
[http://www.esmo.org/var/esmo/storage/images/media/images/people/a-d/boyle-peter/835398-1-eng-GB/boyle-peter_medium.jpg ]
for his long-standing contribution to cancer epidemiology,
education and prevention

Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Strathclyde, Honorary or
Visiting Professor at Glasgow and Yale Universities, Boyle is founder and President of the
World Prevention Alliance. He led the EUROCAN+PLUS project for the European Parliament to
develop priorities for cancer research in Europe and was Editor of the World Cancer Report
2008 and the State of Oncology 2013, highlighting the growing global cancer crisis.

Heikki Joensuu acknowledged with the Hamilton Fairley Award
[http://www.esmo.org/var/esmo/storage/images/media/images/people/e-k/joensuu-heikki/835406-1-eng-GB/joensuu-heikki_medium.jpg ]
for his significant contribution to improve breast
cancer and GIST diagnostics and care

Internationally known for his clinical and translational research, in 2000 Joensuu
discovered that imatinib was effective for most advanced GIST and in 2011 found that as
adjuvant treatment it improved recurrence-free survival and possibly overall survival.
Joensuu became Professor of Oncology at the age of 37 and is currently Academy Professor
at the University of Helsinki and Research Director at the Helsinki Comprehensive Cancer

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