October 24, 2007

New Hampshire Local Government Center and Gordian Health Solutions Report Increase in `Slice of Life’ Wellness Program Participation

New Hampshire Local Government Center (NHLGC) and Gordian Health Solutions have recently announced an impressive increase in participation in NHLGC's wellness program, "Slice of Life." NHLGC, in its fourth year of providing health management programs to its members, reports that 2007 marks the highest personal health assessment (PHA) participation rate to date. Participation was at 14,752 in 2006. After partnering with Gordian in 2007, participation rose 16 percent to 17,087. Gordian, a leading national health and productivity improvement company, has a customer base that includes large employers, health plans and government entities.

One of the key components, and the first step, of the Slice of Life program is the GET HEALTHY personal health assessment, which members complete in order to evaluate their current health status. After completing the PHA, members are assigned to one of three categories: low risk, moderate risk or high risk. They are then eligible to participate in customized programs through Gordian's health coaching center, focusing on health maintenance, lifestyle management or chronic condition management. In 2007, NHLGC also began offering Gordian's online health program, MYeDOC, a web-based preventative care tool.

"We are very pleased with the personal health assessment participation numbers for the most recent Slice of Life period. The PHA is a great educational tool, encouraging people to take a look at what effects behaviors like smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can have on their health," says Scott Weden, risk and health manager at NHLGC. "We credit our expanded incentives program, as well as our enrollment communications campaign, with the increase in participation this year. All of these things, coupled with 'word of mouth' marketing, led to an increased participation rate that we are very happy about."

"Full support from upper management is key to creating and maintaining successful health promotion programs," says Adam Long, vice president of research and informatics at Gordian. "In addition, we have found that offering attractive incentives will increase the number of members who participate in the programs. Gordian is honored to continue our partnership with NHLGC, offering a variety of programs that encourage wellness and support healthier lifestyles and behaviors among its members."

Highlights from the 2007 Slice of Life period include the following:

As in 2006, NHLGC encouraged its members to sign up for the Slice of Life program by advertising with posters, sending out activation kits and reminder postcards, and announcing program details in a member newsletter.

Incentives for completing the PHA included awarding members $75 if their PHA was completed online and $50 if members completed a paper questionnaire. In comparison, in 2006, members were given $25 if it was their first PHA completion, or $50 if it was their second or third PHA completion.

Through the "Health Awareness" program, NHLGC members were eligible to receive $300 in annual reimbursements toward the cost of many health-related educational activities, such as gym memberships, weight management and stress management programs, injury prevention and smoking cessation programs. Health Awareness claims submitted increased dramatically, up 66% from 2006 to 2007.

NHLGC and Gordian set a deadline for completing both the paper and online versions of the PHA. A defined period for signing up for the wellness program offerings was also established. In 2006, there was no deadline for PHA completion. NHLGC management believes these defined deadlines discouraged procrastination and helped drive higher participation rates.

Nearly 90 percent of members chose to complete the PHA online instead of using the paper questionnaire. In addition, more than 3,000 members voluntarily enrolled in at least one of the nine Gordian personalized lifestyle coaching programs.

Upcoming Speeches Regarding NHLGC's Wellness Programs

November 7, 2007, NHLGC Annual Conference - Kevin Flanagan, health management representative of NHLGC and Carrie Musil, client services manager of Gordian, will be presenting on Best Practice Health Cost Management: Strategies for Municipal Leadership. The session will provide strategies for improving employee health, increasing workplace productivity and containing healthcare costs. Key health status indicators and current healthcare cost trends in New Hampshire will also be discussed. For more information, visit www.nhlgc.org.

March 11, 2008, State and Local Benefits Association (SALGBA) National Conference - Scott Weden of NHLGC and Adam Long of Gordian will be presenting a case study of NHLGC's wellness programs. SALGBA is a national organization whose members consist of municipal, county and state government employee benefits professionals. The organization's purpose is to provide members with educational programs and networking opportunities. For more information on the event, visit www.salgba.com.

March 18, 2008, Employer Health Incentive Summit of the Institute for International Research - Scott Weden will discuss NHLGC's successful incentives during the panel: "Determining Which Incentives are Right for your Employees." For more information, visit www.IIRUSA.com.

About New Hampshire Local Government Center (NHLGC)

New Hampshire Local Government Center (NHLGC), located in Concord, NH, is home to the New Hampshire Municipal Association, HealthTrust, Property-Liability Trust and Workers' Compensation Trust. Governed by an active board of directors comprised of local municipal, school and county representatives, NHLGC provides programs and services that strengthen the ability of New Hampshire municipalities, schools and county governments to serve the public. Legal support, legislative advocacy, training programs and risk management services are a few examples of NHLGC offerings. NHLGC also publishes a variety of educational and informational materials. For more information about NHLGC, visit www.nhlgc.org.

About Gordian Health Solutions, Inc.

Gordian is a leading national health and productivity improvement company that offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, such as population health risk analysis, telephonic lifestyle and chronic condition coaching, online products, health screenings, personal health assessments and incentive management services. Gordian helps employers, health plans and government entities identify, control and manage health risk factors and their associated costs through targeted and tailored programs, and sophisticated informatics and reporting capabilities. For more information about Gordian, visit www.gordian-health.com.