December 27, 2007

Latest Touch Screen Sign In System Reduces Reception Workload

As technology continues to improve the efficiency of every doctor's office, one device is sure to make your next visit even easier. Medical Check In is the latest touch screen sign in system to replace the traditional clipboard and paper sign in sheet. Electronic sign in systems are being installed into medical offices and hospitals to combat privacy rules as well as improve the speed at which patients get in to see the doctor. Although available at select hospitals and specialty facilities around the country, they have traditionally been expensive. The latest from Medical Check In Systems promises to make electronic sign in affordable to every doctor's office.

Using a touch screen, patients sign in and give the reason for their visit just like on a paper sign in sheet. The advantages are both for the doctor and the patient. The touch screen kiosk can be placed away from the usual reception window so patients can sign in without interrupting the receptionist with small talk. It only takes about 10 seconds to sign in. In compliance with privacy rules, patients names are hidden, keeping information private.

Having a paperless sign in system is just the beginning for the office advantages. Having a clear and legible list displayed directly on the computer reduces the trip to the clipboard as well as allowing multiple persons to see the patient load. The list is an organized sidebar display with names, times and reason for visit displayed on up to 10 simultaneous computers. Not having to reach for a clipboard might seem minor but that motion a hundred times every day can add up. Having legible names and an organized list is priceless and helps keep the office moving.

While electronic sign in is not new, Medical Check In has the first complete touch screen sign in system that is useable with any practice management software. This opens the world of electronic sign in to every medical facility. While other software companies seem to struggle to beat the HIPAA problems, Medical Check In is ready now.

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Medical Check In manufactures touch screen sign in sheets for hospitals, clinics and physicians.